2019 Virginia Screenwriting Competition Winners

  • Marlene Free

    Mad House

    Noelle and Simone, a pair of dysfunctional sisters with a knack for taking bad situations and making them worse, must put their differences aside and work together or watch their lives fall apart around them.

  • Bruce McClelland

    Balkan Ghost

    A young Bosnian woman comes to Virginia to study the war that left her an orphan. When she discovers a war criminal hidden among refugees, her struggle to bring him to justice unlocks a terrible secret from her past.

  • Justina Mitchell

    Virginia's Gifts

    A nanny inherits the Virginia family farm where she spent her carefree childhood summers playing with the two neighbor boys.  Moving to the farm, she finds that life there isn’t carefree anymore, and the boys are now men who have more than friendship on their minds.


  • Jurgen Vsych

    Captain Death

    To save George Washington’s army, Clancy Redbeard, the sweet-natured, bumbling son of a notorious Virginia pirate, must kill his loyalist brother.

  • Richard Stone

    Tribute Artist

    When a car accident puts the lead singer of a rock band in a coma, the singer’s younger brother, a shy obituary writer, finds it is finally his chance to jump into the spotlight – but stepping into his brother’s shoes resurrects his brother’s dark past.

  • Clyde Santana

    Angels In Hip Hop Land

    When Word, a discouraged gifted teen pianist from the hood, sets out to make his fortune in the world of gangster rap, he attracts a manipulative female demon posing as a hard-core rap producer, and an undercover guardian angel. Now he faces success that is not just about him and has deadly consequences.

  • Chris Hanna

    Line In The Sand

    The screenplay tells the story of Harry F. Byrd Sr.’s Virginia plan of ‘Massive Resistance’ against the 1950s move to integrate schools, and the struggles against it.

  • Marcieanna Klaustermeyer

    Meet Virginia

    A young billionaire has all anyone could ever want except the love of his life, and yet his superstitions prevent him from seeing that “the one” for him has been right in front of him all along.

  • Chris Bishop


    A woman learns to climb cell towers to escape abusive men.