As part of the intern experience, every effort will be made to give a first-hand experience in observing or possibly participating in the process of film and video production. If the opportunity exists, interns will visit a film or video set, local production company and other film related location, as well as participate in relevant meetings and planning sessions. The Virginia Film Office will endeavor whenever possible to tailor the experiences to the particular interests of each intern.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee messages from the Virginia Film Office general website e-mail box; determine which inquiries require a response from VFO staff, and which messages contain industry messages to be shared publicly.
  • Manage the VFO website Hotline; create and post industry announcements, and share those with the Virginia Production Alliance listserve.
  • Research special requests made by VFO staff or production companies regarding such things as Virginia locations, state and regional services, or referring other film resources.
  • Organize and enhance existing research for location files, especially assisting the VFO in maintaining proper database records and possibly scouting new locations for the library.
  • Participate in office activities such as helping to compose or edit newsletters, reports, or press releases, answering telephones, photocopying and responding to inquiries as needed.