2011 Virginia Screenwriting Competition Winners

  • Donald Driscoll

    Alien High School

    As the only kids to escape the assault when mind-controlling space blobs invade their high school, class nerd Billy Gordan teams up with the cheerleading squad to fight the intergalactic threat, overcome a mountain of social awkwardness, and save the day.

  • Neil Harvey & Heather Harvey

    Hazel Hollow

    Gina Hall and Stephen Epperly were strangers when they left a small town nightclub together in the summer of 1980.Hall vanished that night and was never seen again. This is a true account of their story and the case that made Virginia history.

  • David Robbins

    The Rock In The Sun

    Two men, raised by the same woman, then separated by an act of betrayal, travel together to Port-au-Prince to be sure she has survived the Haitian earthquake. Their love for her carries them through the terrors they encounter, and the lingering anger for each other.


  • Daniel Reany

    Back On Track

    After sleeping away most of his life in a coma and losing everything, Alex needs to get back on track.

  • Bird Cox


    A mineral-deficient teenager meets her solitary, skeleton-collecting match as she struggles to find out why her mother abandoned her.

  • Brian Wimer


    A dominatrix is murdered and revived by a Haitian witchdoctor. Undead, she slays her way through a dangerous S&M underworld, seeking her unknown killer.

  • Aaron Cross

    Flame And Steel

    In 1885, a jounalist attending a reunion of aging combatants from a famous Civil War naval battle stirs up forgotten emotions and witnesses the ensuing drunken debate that takes us back in time through a series of flashbacks to when the fate of the nation was in question.

  • John Black


    Set in the days leading up to the liberation of the concentration camps of WWII, Lustig tells the story of a man’s solitary journey for redemption.

  • Operation Firefly

    Charles Mcbee

    During World War II, America’s first black paratroopers are ready to fight Nazi’s when they receive orders for a top secret mission in Oregon, and learn another enemy is closer than we think. Inspired by true events

  • Eric Byrd

    Richmond Burning

    A disgraced Confederate officer is offered a way to turn the tide of the war by helping infect the Union army with a super virus. When the virus turns the infected into rabid monsters, he must protect the city with his sworn enemy.

  • Craig Nogosek

    Tangled Up In Blue

    Shares the stories of The Stranger’s and Lady’s search for home, life and love on the open roads and in the music halls of America through the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

  • Mark Ching

    The Winning Touch

    Zack Philips faces trials in life as a competitive fencer.

  • David O’Donnell

    Truth And Consequences

    When Detective Duggan is called into the confession of truth obsessed serial killer Peter Cozza, he’s surprised-he never worked the Cozza case. But Cozza has plans for Dugan, which lead to a spectacular escape, the deaths of several cops, and a deadly game of cat and mouse.