2010 Virginia Screenwriting Competition Winners

  • Michele Poulos

    Mule Bone Blues

    The story of how conflicting attractions, disputed authorship, and the pressure of white patronage destryoyed the relationship and collaboration between Zora Neale Hurston and the best-known poet of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes.

  • Ryan Farr

    Home Videos

    Avant guard painter Nathanial Osterbind lands a job painting an eighteen mural series at his son’s elementary school. When funds for the project are reallocated before the project is finished, Nathanial decides to create a home video that will bring him back to the limelight.

  • David Williamson


    After being home schooled by his religiously conservative parents his entire life, Colby is finally allowed to attend a public high school. He quickly befriends the misfit and school freak Jeanette and enlists her aid in preventing what may be an act of large scale school violence.


  • Durrell Nelson & Rebecca Rogers Nelson

    The Home Game

    Cocky and reckless pro baseball player Jake Mcalister has faith in nothing until he’s forced to coach a rag tag group of foster boys into a winning little league baseball team.

  • Jill Stevens

    Moving On

    After escaping a marriage to a domineering husband, Nellie searches for a new life with her three boys as a docent for a haunted plantation in Loudoun County.

  • Michelle Kelly

    Idiots At Heart

    A romantic comedy about a spurned wife who jokes about sleeping with her husband’s lover’s husband. And then does it.

  • Matthew Giordano

    The Devil’s Beating His Wife

    A young comic book artist confronts her frivolous and hedonistic lifestyle after a tumultuous relationship with a blind retired filmmaker.

  • Steve Shockley

    Discounted Retail

    After high school graduation, Michael gets a summer job at a downtrodden discount store, K-Shop. He wants to have a girlfriend before college begins and as he tries to choose between the two girls in his life, he also actively tries to get fired from the job he hates by saying and doing whatever he wants to customers, managers, and coworkers.

  • Carl Garrett


    Angela Hansen is a battle hardened beauty at war with a plague of blood craving Revenants.

  • Craig Nogosek

    The Robberies And Murders Of The Notorious Pirate Captain Black Bart Roberts

    The story of one of the most notorious pirate captains and the largest legal trial against pirates.