2017 Virginia Screenwriting Competition Winners

  • Caroline Hoover

    The Trip

    Jane is a control freak.  Jane’s husband has cancer.  Traditional treatments aren’t working, and Jane’s husband wants to join a study that examines the effects of psilocybin mushrooms on end-of-life depression.  This should turn out well.

  • Adam Lapallo

    Wolfpack Fencers

    Four college freshmen join their university’s Olympic-style fencing club. Together, they find their place in their new world and learn what it means to be teammates in a solo sport.

  • Brigid Laurie and Gabrielle Sanchez


    Two overwhelmed moms embark on a quest to meet their B-list celebrity faves when they trade the American dream for their TV fantasies at comic con.


  • Nicolas Leitzke


    A twenty-something rawker grrrl is about to go on her first big tour, but when she reconnects with an old childhood friend in a moment of passion she begins to reconsider the decadent extremes of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

  • Terry Menefee Gau

    Pines Of Romes

    A world-famous conductor finds himself exiled to a small town, where he butts heads with the female conductor of a local voluneteer symphony. He gains humility, perspective, and friendship as he re-discovers his passion for music and rights a wrong from his past.

  • Denise Stewart

    Adjuncts: Episode 1 - "a Sudden Retirement"

    When four adjuncts come together to replace one legendary theatre professor at Ambrose University, winds of chaos and change begin to blow.

  • James Bruno

    The Bloons Of Lasso

    The Bloons of Lasso is an hour-long dramedy that celebrates the lives of working class suburban Christians in the fictional town of Lasso, Alabama.  In the pilot episode, Tom Bloom struggles to cope with a traumatic fall from a ladder while juggling the burdens of work, fatherhood, and being a good husband.

  • Scott Mason


    Eight years after his son’s death, a grief-stricken father is forced to relive his nightmares and face his demons.

  • Tony Muldoon

    Monster God

    In Europe he was a monster, but to the inhabitants of a remote Pacific island, Victor Frankenstein’s creature was a god sent to free them from the tyranny of a cruel mad man who set himself up as their king.

  • Kirk Richardson


    In order to steal away his soul mate from her lecherous owner, a slave has to concoct a story to hide his intentions. History presents him one: in 1850, the editor of a failing magazine in Richmond, Va. invites the most famous woman in the world out on a date. She comes, and when she arrives, she brings the possibility of romance, enlightenment, and freedom – until they run out of time.