2013 Virginia Screenwriting Competition Winners

  • Charles Griffin

    Today's The Day

    Laughs and romance abound when the lives of four homeless people, an Iraqi War veteran, an African émigré, a mother of two and a would be comedian, converge.

  • Neil Harvey


    In this dark comedy, a frustrated artist finds his life growing even more complicated when he returns home to spend a chaotic week with his eccentric parents.

  • Brian Weakland

    Latz Waltz Of Vienna

    Based on a true story, a young chemist is drafted by Nazis to control the assets of Sigmund Freud after Hitler overruns Austria in 1938. But after becoming the subject of Freud’s psychoanalysis, he disobeys orders, hides assets and pulls off Freud’s daring escape on the Orient Express.


  • Christopher Abaya


    Based on the classic horror short story, “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, Heartless follows Ray Chandler, a low level professional thief who holes up in an old abandoned warehouse after a bank robbery goes horribly wrong. While waiting for instructions from his crime boss, Ira Levin, another member of the crew, Old Man Stanley Ellin, arrives at the rendezvous. Tensions rise as secrets begin to unravel and Ray is tormented by the old man’s evil eye which he hides beneath an eye patch.

  • Crystal Adaway

    Bangers And Mash

    Grace is a frustrated graphic designer who’s all but given up on romance. Stewart is a brokenhearted Brit starting a new job in DC with a hellish commute. Destiny brings them together. Almost. With a little help from their friends, a slew of slugs and the newly-revived Bangers & Mash Ladies Society, the fated lovers must navigate their fears to find each other.

  • Paul Battista


    A paranoid CIA officer thinks he is losing his mind when he is accused of treason. He taps every recourse he has to try and clear his name.

  • Calvin Jamison

    Sex Or Die

    Daniel, a disaster with women, makes a deal with the devil to have sex every day for the rest of his life. He ultimately discovers that he has to have sex, everyday or he’ll die. This arrangement is further complicated when he falls in love with a girl who’s celibate.

  • Deanna Geneva Lorianni

    Gus And Olivia

    Gus & Olivia follows the life of Gus, an immature man in his early thirties recovering from a breakup with his childhood love, Olivia. As he spends Christmas Eve drinking his sorrows in a bar, he revisits the childhood events that impacted his life and relationship. Along the way, Gus explores the role that family, spirituality and destiny play in defining who we become as adults and choices we make that pave the paths  of our future.

  • Tom Randolph

    Mosby's Raiders

    Mosby’s Raiders is about a band of guerilla raiders on horseback in the Northern Virginia countryside west of Washington, DC. They would meet when the word went out and a fewer than forty of them at a time would try to drive an invading army from their land.  Honor and valor was their code; adventure and love spiced their lives.

  • Travis Seppala

    Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

    A group of partying 20-somethings play a children’s game of Bloody Mary, and end up invoking THREE Bloody Marys which stalk and try to kill them. The group must find a way to put a stop to what they’ve done.  Can they destroy the  Bloody Mary’s while being hunted by a detective who is sure one of them is a killer?