2012 Virginia Screenwriting Competition Winners

  • Brian Weakland

    Klaus The Great

    A profoundly old philosopher, locked in a book-selling war with a brash professor from William and Mary, rediscovers the joys of life through the eyes of his adopted grandchildren.

  • Liane Young

    Operation Firefly

    America’s first Black Army paratroopers hope to go to Europe to fight Nazis, but instead are sent to Oregon.  While learning to defuse Japanese balloon bombs, smoke jump and fight fires, they must also learn to overcome racism and internal strife in order to carry out an assignment crucial to ending WWII.

  • Eric Carlson

    Under Pressure

    During a risky test dive in 1920 the Navy’s newest submarine floods and sinks with no chance of outside rescue.  A young untested skipper must convince a skeptical crew to follow his brilliant yet dangerous plan that could save their lives or hasten their demise.


  • Carl Garrett

  • Tara Abaya


    Anthony, a young aspring filmmaker, has lost his faith.  He’s not sure about the existence of God anymore.  But when Anthony meets Jayron, a reborn ex-con and Dayton, a cunning gang leader, he is faced with decisions that will either cost him his life or show him the way.

  • Jesse Robinson

    Good Luck Without Me

    A love story about fomer high school sweethearts who meet again as substitute teachers after years apart, working in the same high school where they fell in love.

  • Jeff Landon

    Green Angels

    A story about love and cows and a small town that is turning into a new place, and the displaced extended family, changing at the same time.  It’s a story about growing up, backwards and sideways.  In the end, it’s a love story for a place, and for the various oddballs and quiet lunatics that live there.

  • Jeremy Fischer

    Killing Jane

    Sooner or later, nearly every person has a moment where he or she says, “I’ve had enough!” and it is during these moments that we either give up, or we change our lives completely.  Killing Jane is a film about these moments, and how our greatest struggles often lead to our greatest discoveries – the knowledge of who we are and what we want to become.

  • Eric Allen

    Maplewood Unfinished

    In mid-1930s Gordonsville, Virginia an elderly African American woman struggles to save her family’s homestead from an expansion of the town cemetery.  Her brother moves back home from the city to defend her while a grieving wealthy widow influences the town’s cause.

  • John Saint Ours

    Shot At War

    An idealistic photographer’s life intersects with a hardened vigilante in the turbulant landscape outside of a larger bloody conflict.

  • Duane Byrge


    A former naval officer must overcome his past war trauma to rally the shipbuilders of the Norfolk Naval Yard to meet a government deadline.

  • Michael Crites

    The Great Big Bicycle Story

    A twelve-year-old boy accidentally buys very many bicycles at a county auction, perhaps too many. The various ways in which he and his family and friends cope with so many bicycles is the heart of this family adventure.

  • Steve Stinson

    The Middle Of Everywhere

    When a has-been artist sets out to salvage a small town prodigy he ends up saving the town.

  • Connor Burke

    Unordinary Days

    Noah Days, a seventeen year old loner, develops an obsessive and unrealistic crush on his twin sister’s best friend while the suburban dreams of those around him start to deteriorate.