2009 Virginia Screenwriting Competition Winners

  • Jesse Bausch

    Unfinished Business

    An office drone accidently kills his boss, but his coworkers believe it to be murder and help him cover it up. When the boss’s ghost starts haunting the office, the worker must battle against the undead, the police, and still get the girl.

  • Travis Gordon

    Souveniers Of Men Who Cheat

    Abby Layne, a seemingly harmless waitress, must stay one step ahead of a detective hot on her trail as she attempts to quit killing men.

  • Charles Griffin

    Land Of Egypt

    Based on a true story, a black youth exposed to Depression era bigotry changes from rebel to civil rights leader.

  • Nathan King


    Mason, a highschool senior athlete, experiences his last summer of boyhood in 1973.


  • Baron Blakely

    A Better Man

    A hardened criminal is forced to see that he is playing the villain in the story of his life. His first attempt to turn his life around puts him at odds with his gang who later frame him for the murder of a cop.

  • Wayde Byard


    A security agent who blames himself for 9-11 gets a chance to prevent an even bigger catastrophe.

  • Jeremy Dillon


    Adam and Skylar are two out of work actors who can’t catch a break until they accidently come across the Mafia’s little black book. They come up with a scheme to impersonate hit men and pay off their debts.

  • Donald Driscoll

    Chris Gaines Saves The World

    Two friends must kidnap Garth Brooks and convince him to adopt his rock alter-ego Chris Gains again in order to stop a malevolent super computer from destroying mankind.

  • Jeremy Fischer

    Killing Jane

    The story of a 17 year old suburban girl who wants nothing more than to escape the abuse of her alcoholic stepfather. One night her stepfather accidentally kills another girl in the house and nearly kills himself in a devastating fire. The girl now has a chance to start her life over….if only her stepfather wasn’t looking to silence her.

  • Karen Rugg

    The Lightkeeper

    A young woman takes over a Chesapeake Bay lighthouse at the start of the Civil War. She faces the isolation and dangers of her job, impending attack from Confederate raiders, the Union soldiers sent to protect her and the local man bent on marrying her.