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Virginia Beach – Casting for Feature Film – May 25-31 – Paid

Project name : “Hostage”
Location: Virginia Beach
Compensation: Paid ($150)
Submission: contact@smartcraftproduction.com

“Hostage”, A feature film about two cops that were held hostage by an abusive husband when they were dispatched by a 911 operator to a home where a woman called for help after her husband threatened to shoot her.

Gregory Molund- Lead (Male 24-40)

Good looking young man. Dresses in suit and tie always, works as a stock broker but seem disturb and unhappy and always abuse his wife.

Rose Molund- Lead (Female 20-38)

Pretty looking young nurse, the 911 caller. Wife to the disturbed man (Gregory), love and care about him so much.

Cop 1- Supporting (Male 20-40)

A Cop driving around the neighborhood with a co-cop

Cop 2- Supporting (Male 20-40)

A recently hired cop, who was with the other cop when 911 dispatcher sent them to the address of the caller

Website: http://www.smartcraftproduction.com/