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Richmond, VA- Casting for lives stage play of To Kill a Mockingbird- PAID

CASTING!!!!!! – Below is the additional characters we are casting for and/or has been cast for the live stage play of To Kill A Mockingbird starring Academy Award Nominee, Mary Badham, who played Scout in the movie alongside Gregory Peck. The role of Atticus Finch has also already been cast & will be played by Aaron Jackson who played on NBC’s California Dreams.

Actors must be available for performances Feb 24th – 26th, 2017 and tech rehearsals Feb 15th – 23rd. Richmond area.
*Some roles may not be needed every night but must be available if we need you.

Submit Full Body or Headshot/Resume by Oct 2ND to info@thephantomplayers.com for audition consideration with Subject Heading- Your Name, Age & Desired Character.

*Only certain characters will get a stipend, but everyone will receive various perks etc.

Jean Louise Finch aka Older Scout- Academy Award Nominee for TKAM, Mary Badham
Scout- a young girl
Jem- her brother
Atticus- Aaron Jackson (NBC California Dreams)
Calpurnia- the housekeeper
Maudie Atkinson- a neighbor
Stephanie Crawford- a neighbor
Mrs. Dubose- a neighbor
Nathan Radley- a neighbor
Arthur Boo Radley- a neighbor, keeps to himself
Dill- a young boy, Scout & Jem’s friend
Heck Tate- the sheriff
Judge Taylor- the judge
Reverend Sykes- a minister
Mrs. Sykes- minster’s wife
Mayella Ewell- a young woman
Bob Ewell- her father
Walter Cunningham- a farmer
Mr. Gilmer- public prosecutor
Tom Robinson- a young man
Helen Robinson- his wife
Ensemble –
Robinson Children
Minister’s Children
Ewell Children

*All Roles Must Submit Via Email Including Ensemble to info@thephantomplayers.com . Do Not Submit Via Facebook, Text or Other Means. Submissions Must Contain All Requested Info To Be Considered! Do Not Submit Videos At This Time. We Will Send You Sides For The Character You Match Per The Producers’ Vision.