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My name is David Webster.  I am looking for talent in Richmond, Va.

I used to perform with Second City in Chicago in the early 90’s.  I then opened my own Improv Comedy place in Atlanta call Whole World theater.  I sold out over 1500 shows in a row.  We filmed the last 500 shows for TV.  I sold the show to the Turner South Network and we were on the air for 5 years.  We won many awards and I won an Emmy award.

I took a break and made movies for a few years and now I am creating a better version of an Improv Comedy Based TV show in Richmond.

I have about 30 actors who have been training with me since last August and we are already doing very strong live shows.

We have a TV set on our stage (Like the set of Friends or Seinfeld) and we perform a very different style of Improv Comedy.

Our actors train weekly to improve their skills.

We are filming weekly with the actors who feel ready.

We will amass many scenes on YouTube before selling to TV again.

If you want to be in a TV comedy show, then please join us.  We offer a free month of classes and free tickets to our shows just to get folks to see how much more powerful our technique is and how easy it is to get involved and to do well.

To join just come on down…


Please join us next Tuesday or any Tuesday
In the plant zero building
The address is

301 decatur street,

Studio #20


18 year old and up welcome

Come every Tuesday thereafter

One month free
Plus u will be invited to come to shows for free
And get free headshots
We trust that the classes are so good and the opportunities are so impressive that talented actors will join our training program after a free month
The program is only $100 per month and you get personal training to become a great improv comedy actor who will perform with an amazing existing professional comedy troupe for stage and tv