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Richmond – Seeking actors/ghosts for live performance – Oct 31 and Nov 1 – Paid

Anne Chapman Casting is seeking 2 actor/ghosts for 2 nights (5.5 hours each night) for a live ghostly experience @ Hotel Greene 10/31/19 & 11/1/19 – $200 per evening



Live Ghostly Performances at Hotel Greene Mini Golf

Production Company: Hotel Greene Indoor Mini Golf Company

Director/Producer/Writer: Jim Gottier

Casting Director:  Anne Chapman

Performance Dates: Thursday & Friday, October 31st & November 1st, 2019 – 5:30-11pm

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Submission Deadline: Monday, October 28th, 2019

In Person Audition Date (if necessary): Tuesday 29th, 2019

Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia

Rate: $200/performance day

Wardrobe will be provided, fitting time & date TBD



Follow the link below to submit via the on line form.

Please make sure to include your reel if you have one along with your headshot and resume.




Thank you in advance for your submission!

Submitting does not guarantee an audition: you will be contacted with an audition time and location if selected.




Set in the 1920s-1930s…time is not temporal at Hotel Greene

Hotel Greene was built in 1905 in an Eastern European city. It closely resembles the Hotel Savoy in Łódź ,Poland, that was the dream of Roman Skorko, a local entrepreneur who wanted to bring a world class hotel to his town. He was infatuated with British hotel names (Carlton,Savoy,Bristol) and the combination of luxury and solidity they conferred. To that end Hotel Greene was born. No expense was spared in Skorko’s design; Persian carpets, crystal chandeliers, Moroccan tiles and a smart lobby bar in the latest fashion. He went broke and skipped town just prior to his grand opening. Rumor has it that eventually he made it to America and, ever the visionary, recognizing the emergence of car culture made himself rich with a chain of modestly priced motels with adjacent mini golf courses. A local consortium bought Hotel Greene and ran it ( fairly indifferently) until it was taken over in the German occupation. Hotel Greene’s glory years were the 1920’s and 30’s. It played host to foreign dignitaries, artists, actors, spies and saboteurs. Anastasia Romanova was rumored to have stayed several months incognito.  On Sept 1, 1939 the Germans invaded. That day the promising young writer, Witold Krull, left a cigarette burning in his room (#208), climbed to the rooftop of Hotel Greene and threw himself off in protest. Soon Hotel Greene became a stylish venue for the lodging and offices of the local Nazi party. After the war it became a hospital and then a mental institution. It was demolished in 1973.



GHOSTLY notes to consider…all lives are a series of chance encounters. It is 1932 and fate has brought you to Hotel Greene. Each of you, at one time, thought your stay would be temporary. Time passes, habits form and the thought of escape becomes less and less real.  Ghosts are to be pitied, yet they are cooler than us. They are displaced and must constantly improvise their live to survive.  They are sad, serious, anxious and stuck. Ghosts, while interacting with the customers of Hotel Greene Mini Golf are puzzling, enigmatic or obvious, whatever the interaction lends to.  Snippets of your interactions might be recorded and played back in the Hotel Bar.


THE GHOST OF GRACE BELLOWS: Female, late 20s – early 30s.   GRACE is the American wife of TOM.  She is sad and quite serious, but stylish, and cool which resonates as a sort of displacement, constantly having to improvise just to survive. Always looking for something.  GRACE has been the subject of intense local speculation. What are she and her husband doing here? They have lived in an apartment across the street from Hotel Greene for over a year. Vague reasons about husband’s business are floated but no one know what that business is..Rumors fly that they are hiding out from a scandal back home. Her husband TOM often goes away for weeks at a time and returns in rough shape. When home he spends his evenings drinking at the Hotel Greene bar. GRACE detests him. When he travels she too enjoys the Lobby bar and out of spite and boredom engages in an affair with the KLAUS the Hotel Greene Bellhop…all sordid and predictable. One day she and her husband are just gone. Locals believe they were arrested for espionage…

$200 per performance/2 days

THE GHOST OF JOSEF KRULL: Male: 30s-50s. JOSEF is a land surveyor who has lived at the Hotel Greene for years.  In town to survey the COUNT’s vast holdings, yet has never met the COUNT nor been allowed access to the COUNT’s property.  JOSEF deals with the COUNT’s two worthless assistants.  He has spent the last number of years whiling away his time in the hotel bar, knowing that the COUNT will pick up his tabb every month.  His existence is a Kafkaesque purgatory.  One day JOSEF went out hunting and never came back…

$200 per performance/2 days


Thank you in advance for your submission!

Submitting does not guarantee an audition: you will be contacted with an audition time and location if selected