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Richmond – Press Screening of Virginia-filmed Action/drama – Aug 10

Virginia Film Office to Host Exclusive Press Screening of Virginia-filmed Action-Drama

– Press screening of ‘Eyes of the Roshi’ will be held in Richmond–

RICHMOND – The Virginia Film Office will present Eyes of the Roshi, an independent action-drama starring Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts and introducing Grandmaster Adam Nguyen, for Virginia press representatives Wednesday, August 10th at Criterion Cinemas in Richmond.

The project, which filmed in Virginia in 2015, was produced by Light Age Films (White Buffalo: An American Prophecy), a production company based out of Virginia Beach.  Roshi filmed primarily in the Hampton Roads area, with additional scenes in Richmond, Fort Monroe, and Knotts Island.

Film Office Director, Andy Edmunds said, “Productions like Eyes of the Roshi are an integral part of the Virginia film industry and community.  At the hands of a Virginia filmmaker, this project hired local crew, shot at beautiful Virginia locations, and boosted the economy in a region the filmmakers know and love.  We’re proud of this film and the ways in which it has helped us grow the Commonwealth’s production industry.”

Eyes of the Roshi tells the story of a fugitive Karate-Do grandmaster who leaves his Vietnamese home to prevent violence.  He finds himself in America, where trouble follows.

“When your grizzled editor who has seen it all can’t stop smiling, you know you’re onto something,” says Roshi producer Ethan Marten.  “Think of Roshi as a satisfying martial arts collaboration between a young Tarantino and early Coen brothers. While Roshi is a bit of a morality tale, it doesn’t try to take itself too seriously, delivering a heavy dose of dark humor.  It’s all bolstered by a solid script, superb performances, and beautiful cinematography.  We’re proud of this film, and proud to have done it all in Virginia.”

The project has received positive reviews thus far.  Splash Magazine writes, “Eric Roberts rediscovers early magic…in this gem of an Indie film.”

The screening will take place 11 a.m., Wednesday, August 10 at Criterion Cinemas at Bow Tie Movieland, 1301 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230, and is open to all members of the media.  Seating is limited, please send all inquiries and RSVPs to Light Age Films at ethan@ethanmarten.com or call 757-287-2518.