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richmond – improv class – current – free/fee



At my studio in Richmond, I have had the privilege to train about 20 dedicated actors since last August and almost 20 more who have joined over the past 11 months. They are developing very quickly in a style of improv that is more entertaining for the audiences than any other style of improv.

Our style of acting is based more on having real experiences as characters than the spoofy, not-believable style of acting I have seen at most improv places around the entire country. Therefore, our style seems to be far more rewarding for the actors as well. We are a TV studio, so everything we do, we do with a three-camera shoot and a full production crew. We have over 300 improv games and we practice multiple times per week. In order to make it easy for folks to join soon, I am offering quite a bit for free. It is easier for actors to recognize the quality of my classes by taking them rather than reading about them. Therefore, I offer one free month of classes to anyone over 18yrs old.

I also offer free tickets to the shows for my students and if they sign up after the free month for the classes, I give them a free professional headshot photography session so I can get their picture up on my wall and on our website. This is a real photo session where each actor walks away with three professional shots to use for auditions anywhere ($250 value).

If you choose to sign up after the free month, the classes are only $100/month. No deposit or obligation to continue ever. If you would like to join, just show up for a month of free classes on Tuesday nights 645-9pm at 301 Decatur St, Richmond Studio #20. That’s it!!! If you are a serious actor who is also funny, this is definitely for you. I don’t think there is a better and possibly career-making project in the area. So. I look forward to meeting you!!!

If you don’t want to join, I hope you will come to our shows…For more info or tickets to our shows please go to ACTORUTOPIA.COM