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Richmond – Casting for web series pilot – Oct 11-13 – Paid

Local, independent filmmakers seek cast for non-union ultra-low budget web series pilot.


DEACON (Working Title): In 1960s Church Hill, a Machiavellian church deacon plays a dangerous game of blood and betrayal in his quest for power.


Director:         Dorian Delandro

Writer:            Dorian Delandro

DP:                  Quincy Coppage


Casting Information


Shoot Dates:              October 11-13, 2019

Shoot Loc:                  Richmond, VA


S1 E1 Roles:                Deacon Redd, 30 – African American, power hungry church deacon, well-dressed, classy not flashy (Mahershala Ali type), $100


James, 60 – Caucasian, dirty cop (Tommy Lee Jones type), $100


Pat Freeman, 45 – African American, closeted gay pastor (Reg Cathey type), $50


Steve Jenkins, late 30s – African American henchman (sidekick and foil to John Jones), $50


John Jones, late 40s – African American henchman (sidekick and foil to Steve Jenkins), $50


Blue, late 20s – African American male, heavyset bouncer, not too bright, $50


Eugene, 16 – African American, ambitious protégé w/ a conscience, $50


Toddler – African American male, $25


Woman 1, 20s – African American, brown-skinned w/ Afro/natural hair, street sexy, $25


Woman 2, 20s – African American, brown-skinned w/ Afro/natural hair, street sexy, $25


All talent will receive credit and compensation as indicated with potential to appear in subsequent compensated episodes.



  1.                       Include DEACON, your name and the role you’re submitting for in the subject line of your e-mail. Example: DEACON – Ron Williams for Pat Freeman.
  2. Attach current headshot, resume and link (not an attached file) to reel if you have one. If you have no reel, please self-tape a dramatic scene no longer than 2 minutes and include link in your submission.
  3. Include the following in the body of your e-mail if it is not on your resume: first and last name, cell phone number, e-mail address, city of residence and role you’re submitting for.
  4. Send to castingdirector@comcast.net.


Submitting does not guarantee an audition. You will be contacted with an audition time and location, if selected.