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Richmond – Casting for film – March 27-28 – paid

Queens of the Screen Productions LLC. in association w/DIP Global Media Films LLC.

Covid Compliance:


Electronic Submission Only! (Self-Tape, Headshot, Resume)


Shooting: March 27th & 28th (2021)

$100 a day (speaking)

$50 a day (non-speaking)


NIA WEAVER: 30’s, strong African American woman archetype,
complacent in life, the one everyone depends on, has dreams she’s
afraid to go after, doesn’t want to rock the boat, grew up in single
mother home and vowed to not follow in her mother’s footsteps so the
divorce feels like a failure. Who is she without the titles?

LASHON DAVENPORT: 30’s, (AA)former military, grew up in a
single-mom household that was filled with many passing through
“uncles”, high-achiever who feels like an imposter, stands for
no-nonsense, feels like a loser with the divorce and inability to
produce children. Who is she to reach for something bigger?

KELSEY WONG: 29, former foster kid, adopted
into a very Christian family w a black mom and Asian dad, people
pleaser, afraid of being abandoned so don’t know how to tell her
parents that she will never fulfill their dreams the way they expect
(marriage/kids/the whole shebang) because of her sexual identity, an
artist who’s afraid of her own voice.

VANESSA OCHOA: 30’s, (Afro-Latina) raised with a single
father who taught her to depend on no man. Anti-long-term
relationships. Very sure of herself in the way she presents to others.
Doesn’t date beneath a certain tax bracket. Go-getter. A hardened
heart that needs to be softened.


DONOVAN PEREZ 30’s: tall and distractingly handsome. Afro-Latino with

King of the Jungle energy. A decisive predator in the boardroom and the

bedroom. Quick to smile but slow to love.