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Richmond – Casting Call for VCU Student Short Film – March 2022 – Paid

VCU Film students are seeking actors for a short film.
A restless young woman seeks to change the course of life she is on in hopes of escaping the repetition in her life. She observes life’s coincidences and begins to question if they are disconnected or, in fact, signaling a deeper relationship.

Director: Annemarie Fortune
Assistant Director: EB Fox
Executive Producer: Ariana Hamidi
Producer: Cecilia Tuttle
Co-Producer: Ahreyana Tarver

Audition Dates: February 25 and 26
Audition Location: Richmond, VA
Pay rate: Leading and Supporting Roles – $140 a day. Extras – $50 for half days. Actors will receive a copy of the film upon completion.

Shoot Dates: Last week of March, exact dates TBD
Shooting Location: Richmond, Virginia
Production Type:  Independent / Non-Union

Synopsis: Eileen has made it her mission to make more meaningful social connections, namely with her snobby older sister. Seeking a more interesting life, she secretly observes the lives of those around her, such as her neighbor Sam and his wife. Content with living in a loop, but dreaming of a ticket out, Sam works as a restaurant manager and buys lottery tickets everyday hoping for a miracle. Though alone often, Eileen frequents the local diner where Sam works. As their two paths cross, Eileen notices small events happening around her and perceives them as symbols of luck, wondering how she can change that of her own.


EILEEN – Woman, plays 20’s, any ethnicity
Eileen is the kind of person who will stand against the wall at a party wishing she knew how to join conversation. She exists in the shadow of her sister’s success and longs to be seen by others, but her appearance is plain and simple. She can often be found deep in thought, fiddling with pennies in the hopes of finding good fortune.

SAM – Man, plays 40s, any ethnicity
Sam is stuck in a monotonous cycle of married domestic life. He is charming but cynical, keeps to himself and appears gruff.  He has real love for his wife but fights with her constantly. His day to day life feels lackluster so he plays the lottery every day hoping for a ticket off the hamster wheel.
MADDIE –  Woman, plays 30s, any ethnicity.  Eileen’s sister. Wealthy, self-centered business woman who can’t be bothered with the problems of others.  She feels more attached to her fancy purse than her younger sister.

DIANE – Woman, (40s-50s), any ethnicity Sam’s wife. Shown briefly on screen but mainly heard through Eileen’s apartment walls arguing with her husband.

EXTRAS – Looking for extras, ages 30 – 65

Audition Details/Submission Instructions

To register, please fill out this google form:

Headshots and resumes should be submitted to betterlucknexttimefilm@gmail.com. You will be contacted with time and location if you are selected for an audition.

Address will be provided upon audition appointment confirmation.

If you would like to be an extra, In-person auditions are not required. Please send a link to a 1-minute reel and headshot to betterlucknexttimefilm@gmail.com