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Richmond – Casting Call for “The War at Home” – Jan. 6 – Paid



Date: Friday, January 6, 2017 & Saturday, January 7, 2017  Time: 6p-10p (Fri) & 12pm – 4pm (Sat) 

New Location: Blackwell Community Center

Street: 300 E. 15th Street, Richmond, VA  


Screenplay by Rebekah L. Pierce ~ Directed by Monea McClain

Produced by RLP Productions in association w/Franc Zalez & Valerie Parker


When Sgt. Belinda Oglesby returns home from serving in Afghanistan to find her family falling apart, she realizes that the toughest battles in life are the ones fought at home.

 Looking to cast the following roles:    Belinda Oglesby: African-American, female, age mid-20s to mid-40’s Richard Oglesby: Any ethnicity, male, age mid-20s to mid-40s

Rachael: Any ethnicity, female, age mid-20s to mid-40s

Mrs. Potter: African American, female, age 50-65

Mr. Potter: African American, male, age 55-70

Zoey Oglesby: Any ethnicity/bi-racial, female, age 11-15

*Marquis Oglesby: Any ethnicity/mixed race, male, age 9-13

Whitley Clarke: Caucasian, female, age mid-20s to mid-40s

Commander: Any ethnicity, male, age mid-40s-50s

*Student: African American, male, age 14-18

*Homeless woman: Any ethnicity, female, age mid-20s to mid-30s

*AA group members any age, any sex

HR/Employer: Caucasian, male, age mid-30s to mid-50s

*No lines


One to three years acting experience in film/tv/theatre required. Bring professional headshot and resume with name of character you are auditioning. Email Rebekah@rlpproductions.com ONLY for more information.  Preference given to prior/current military personnel with acting experience. Pilot will be shot in Richmond, VA. Must be available for the January 13-15, 2017 shoot date. A small stipend for the pilot shoot in January 2017 will be provided. Transportation/travel/accommodations is the responsibility of the actor.