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Richmond – Casting Call for short film – December 13th&14th – Paid

Seeking two actresses local to Richmond for an independent non-union short shooting two nights in near the VCU area. Pay is $50/day.

Director: Alex Bagoly
Producer: Lindsey Paulette

Logline: While looking for some alone time on top of a parking garage, a college student finds herself talking another girl off a ledge.

Character Descriptions:

Josie: Female, early-mid 20’s, sociology/philosophy double major, emotionally exhausted, but with a wry sense of humor about it. A self described misanthrope with a guilty conscience who can’t seem to ignore someone in trouble. Trying to be better about letting people in on her own problems.

Kay: Female, late teens/early 20’s, english major, at the end of her rope with how to handle the question of living. As much as she wants a shoulder to cry on, she doesn’t want to be anyone’s problem. Instinctively antagonistic, but regrets those impulses.

Please submit your most recent headshot, film resume, and a 30sec- 1minute dramatic monologue to incrediblyokayfilms@gmail.com by December 1st!