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Petersburg/Richmond/Alexandria – Seeking two roles for film – Paid

Producer Nathan Banister is seeking two roles for upcoming film Hands.


If interested please contact Nathan Banister, banisterentertainment@gmail.com


Character Description: 


Young Israel Hands

Age: 25-35

Race: White

Height: 5’5”-5’11”

Clean shaven

British/Cockney Accent

Sword skills preferred

Born into poverty in Glasgow, Hands ran away from home where he met Ed Teach in Bristol. As young men the two did everything together with Teach playing the ringleader. When Teach decided to see the world, Hands stayed behind afraid of the unknown and wanting to increase his station.



Edward “Black Beard” Teach

age 25-45

Race: White

Hair: Black, long black beard

Height: 6’1” – 6’6”

British Accent

Sword experience

Born in Bristol to a seafaring family, Teach took to life at sea easily. As a young man, he became a privateer, legally taking prizes for the Crown. Not satisfied with life as with the rules and regulations of a privateer, Teach decided to branch out and joined up with Capt. Hornigold in Jamaica. Hornigold became a mentor to Teach, providing the foundation that would become a lasting legacy of terror on the high seas.