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Northern Virginia – Freedom Day Casting Call – Nov 15 Deadline

Dreamers Imagine Productions. Paid Stageplay/Film

Actors should submit a headshot, a body shot, and an acting or performance resume, if available, for an appointment for an audition. If you do not have professional photos, a recent photo or selfie is acceptable. Auditions will be held in Richmond and in Norfolk the third and fourth weeks in November. Exact dates and locations of auditions TBA. Please send submissions to Cryswrites2000@yahoo.com by November 15. Please head the subject line Freedom Day, and include the role that you are interested in auditioning for. In the body of the email, please include current contact information and availability for each weekend from Dec. 1 – Feb 28.

Freedom Day is a historical fiction that includes realistic depictions of the lives of enslaved workers on the Wye Plantation in Maryland.

Character Breakdowns:
Master Edward Lloyd VII, Caucasian, 50 – 70 yrs. – Charismatic but cruel owner of the Wye Plantation.
Mrs. Lloyd, Caucasian, 30 – 50 yrs. – Master Lloyd’s insatiable wife.
Charles Ball aka Nero, African American, 20 – 70 yrs. – An enslaved impresario who motivates the field workers with song and dance.
Child Araminta/Teen Araminta Ross (Harriet Tubman), African American,17 – 25 yrs. – A fearless young woman determined to set her people free.
John Brown, Caucasian, 45 – 50 yrs. – With a Bible and a gun, he gathers an army to set the slaves free.
Owen Brown, Caucasian, 20 – 30yrs. – John Brown’s son, who is dedicated to his father’s mission.
Child Anna/ Teen Anna, African American, 15- 25 yrs. – Born free, she is eager to be Frederick’s wife.
Anna’s Mother, African American, 25- 50 yrs. – Mary and Bambarra Murray were manumitted shortly before the birth of their daughter, Anna. Mary secretly teaches the enslaved workers and prepares them for freedom.
Anna’s Father, African American, 25 – 50 yrs. – Bambarra Murray is an underground railroad conductor.
Child Rose/Teen Rose, African American, 15- 20 yrs. – A young house servant eager to learn about life and love.
Hannibal, African American, 17- 30 yrs. – A protective father and field worker who is falling in love.
Lucille, African American, 20 – 60 yrs. – She uses her voice to sing songs of coded instruction to the enslaved workers.
Aaron Anthony, Caucasian or African American, 20 – 50 yrs. – A clumsy, panicky overseer desperate to appease Master Lloyd.
Josiah, African American, 6 – 12 yrs. – Master Lloyd’s rambunctious mulatto son.
Child Daniel/Teen Daniel, African American, 7 – 16 yrs. – Enslaved child worker who yearns to understand the world.
Young Minnie/Teen Minnie, African American, 7-16 yrs. – The enslaved child of an exiled house servant turned field worker who yearns for her mother’s love.
Viney Baker, African American, 16 -50 yrs. – Field worker who watches and studies.
Tommy, African American, 20-50 yrs., Blind – An enslaved worker who makes a great sacrifice for freedom.
Ruth, African American, 30 – 50 yrs. – House worker who wants to protect all her enslaved family.
Granny, African American, 40 – 80 yrs. – Her wisdom is seasoned with sass and spice.
Sister, African American, 30 – 50 yrs. old – Her duties as Master Lloyd’s favorite servant are quite complex.
Nat, African American, 20 – 40 yrs. old – A field worker ready to fight for a better life for his family.
Inez, African American, 17- 30 yrs. old – Nat’s pregnant wife wants her baby to be born free.
Moses Granville, African American, 18 – 30 yrs. old – Nat’s brother is tired of toiling and is ready to fight alongside his brother for freedom.
Nizar Khan, African, 18 – 30 yrs. old – Newly enslaved, he holds steadfast to the traditions of Africa.
Background Extras, African Americans, Native Americans, Caucasians, all ages, must be able to take direction well. Harmonica, ukulele players, percussionist, and singers are encouraged to apply.