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Norfolk – Casting Call for ODU Short Departmental Film – April 2023 – Paid

Norfolk, VA ACTORS Anne Chapman Casting & ODU Film – seeking 5 actors – Non-Union Short Departmental Film – $150-200/day



ODU Film Program Non-Union Short Departmental Film

Production Company: ODU Film

Director: Priya Vashist

Producer: Kiannah McClure

Writer: Brianna Thurston

Casting Director: Anne Chapman

Casting Assistants: Brianna Thurston, HG Bjork, Desiree Tomasi, George Covington,  Ziona Grant, S’Donte Downtin & Carly Hough

Shoot Dates: Thurs., April 13th, Fri., April 14th, Sat. April 15th & Sun., April 16th, 2023

First Round Auditions via Self-tape

Virtual Callback Date: Monday, March 13th, 2023

Shoot Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Rate: $150-200/shoot day

*Negative COVID-19 test must be presented to production within 48 hrs. of arriving to set. 



Submitting via Breakdown Express/Actors Access is preferred.

Please do not double submit.

If that is not available to you, we would still love to have you submit via the link below:


Fill in the form completely & SUBMIT current headshot and resume (and reel if you have one) to:




You will be asked to include the following information on the form:

Role(s) you are submitting for:





Include your travel distance to Norfolk, Virginia*:

Do you have local housing available to you*:

Confirm CB Date Availability:

Confirm Shooting Dates Availability:

*Please note, due to the limited budget for travel and/or accommodation for this departmental film, make a note if you have accommodation in Hampton Roads and are available to self-report.



Kiana, a college sophomore and her mother, Grace, learn to navigate their relationship or risk growing further apart. Her friends offer Kiana consistent comfort, a safe space and the ability to be her most authentic self. Kiana believes her mother is unaware of her sexual identity and that she is in a relationship.



KIANA: Black Female. 19-20yrs. LGBTQ/Homosexual. Commuting College Sophomore (Marine Biology Major). Kiana is an  “out-of-the-way” type of girl who prefers all-black outfits focusing on comfort and concealment, while still managing to be stylish; Contrasting from her more colorful younger self. Has a distant relationship with her mother, who is  unaware of her sexuality and same-sex relationship. Uncomfortable at home, she  feels more alive when at school with her friends and girlfriend. Kiana also finds comfort and calmness in nature — especially the ocean. When her long-kept secrets are revealed, Kiana receives an unexpected reaction that will finally set her free. Must be comfortable with a same-sex kiss, shooting at the beach in CLOSE PROXIMITY TO the OCEAN, a short sprint in the sand & day/night driving. Must be a licensed driver.

Shoots Four (4) days, April 13th, 14th, 15th & 16th, 2023 @ $200/day (+10% if applicable). 


GRACE: Black Female, Mid 40s. Kiana’s Mother. A single mother with a  tendency to be analytical and overly concerned with others. Dresses in casual, yet conservative/subtle clothing,  her faith ever present  with her cross necklace. Has a distant relationship with her young adult daughter due to her struggle to understand Kiana’s new identity. Grace has a welcoming and open-minded spirit, but outwardly appears strict and judgmental, which throws her daughter for a surprise as she reacts to the revelation of Kiana’s long-kept secrets.

Shoots One (1) day, Thurs. April 13th, 2023 @ $200/day (+10% if applicable). 


NAOMI: Black Female, 20yrs. LGBTQ/Homosexual. Kiana’s Girlfriend. A free-spirited, caring, and mature young college Sophomore who stands out with her bright, colorful clothing choices. Came out as LGBTQ long before Kiana. Comes from a large, accepting household. Plays a nurturing role in her “serious” relationship with Kiana.  Aware of how conflicted Kiana feels, Naomi makes it a priority to protect and comfort Kiana when they are in each other’s presence.

Must be comfortable with a same-sex kiss, shooting on the beach in CLOSE PROXIMITY to the OCEAN & a short sprint in the sand. .

Shoots Two (2) Days, April 14th & 15th, 2023 @ $150/day (+10% if applicable). 


TORI: Open Gender/ Race, 20yrs old. Pre-Med College Sophomore. Kiana’s Friend. Wears their emotions on their sleeve, very expressive. Prefers darker/neutral-colored outfits that prioritize comfort. Tori has a sarcastic Chandler Bing like nature with a worry free/chill demeanor. Uninterested in work and tasks that require a lot of effort.  Prefers stimulating and engaging activities. The life of the party.

This role requires shooting on the beach in CLOSE PROXIMITY to the OCEAN.

Shoots Two (2) Days, April 14th & 15th, 2023 @ $150/day (+10% if applicable). 


ALEX: Male, 20yrs old,. College Sophomore. Kiana’s Friend. Humorous with a playful personality, always prepared to make someone laugh. Enjoys spending time with his friends. Has an affinity for vintage and streetwear-style outfits that typically feature bold and inviting colors to match his witty attitude. Despite being a child at heart, Alex is studious and shows concern when it comes to his school work.

This role requires shooting on the beach in CLOSE PROXIMITY to the OCEAN.

Shoots Two (2) Days, April 14th & 15th, 2023 @ $150/day (+10% if applicable). 


Thank you in advance for your submission! 

Submitting does not guarantee an audition: You will be contacted with an audition time and location if selected.

Every submission is thoughtfully considered. Specific requirements to each role are indicated above. Anne Chapman Casting is a safe space where all voices are equal regardless of age, sex, racial, tribal, religious, linguistic, cultural or national origin, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.