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Lynchburg – Casting Call for Pocket Testament League Videos – Jan 29-Feb 2 – Paid

Production Company: Hello Studios
Director: Adam Everett Miller
Casting Director: Alex Miller
Description: The Pocket Testament League is hosting a special weekend event to raise awareness of their ministry and Hello Studios is creating a series of engaging, impactful videos for them to showcase their history, mission, and membership testimonies. These videos will cover a variety of scenarios that will be filmed over the course of a few days. We are seeking a diverse group of actors who can tell their stories visually as these films will be using voiceover narration instead of regular dialogue. This Olympic Games ad from 2014 gives a rough idea of what we are going for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQoJqDi8490

Shoot Date: Each actor will be needed for one (1) day between January 29–February 8, 2018. The exact dates and times for each scenario are still being determined and will partly depend on actor availability.
Shoot Location: Lynchburg, VA
Compensation: $50-100/day for one (1) day
Seeking local hires only. Lodging and travel will not be provided. This is a non-union project.
Submission Deadline: 5pm on Friday, January 19th

Searching for:
[WORLD REPS] ($50/day) All Ages, Male and Female. We are looking for individuals to represent the various nations of the world that have been impacted by this ministry. We are especially looking for people of African, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, Irish, and Scottish descent. They will be handing each other copies of the Gospel.
[FLOWER GIRL] ($50/day) 5-10 years old, Female, Any Ethnicity. We are looking for a young girl to pick a flower in a field which then becomes filled with people impacted by the ministry.
[DEBBIE] ($100/day) 40-50, Female, Caucasian. She finds the Gospel she had given her father before he died and discovers he had in fact accepted Christ.
[DEBBIE’S DAD] ($100/day) Over 65, Male, Caucasian. We will film footage of him in his hospital bed and will need some younger photos of him (which talent will help supply) that his daughter looks through after his death.
[COLLEGE STUDENT 1] ($100/day) Early 20s, Male, Any Ethnicity. He is dealing with depression and his roommate talks to him about Jesus.
[COLLEGE STUDENT 2] ($100/day) Early 20s, Male, Any Ethnicity. Helps his roommate through serious depression using the Gospel.
[OLGA] ($100/day) Over 60, Female, Scandinavian. She helps a young girl decide what to do about her unexpected pregnancy.
[YOUNG PREGNANT GIRL] ($100/day) 15-20, Female, Caucasian. A young girl feeling overwhelmed about her pregnancy and contemplating abortion.
[GYM OWNER] ($100/day) 20-40, Male, African-American. Athletic. One friend helping another through a challenging time by giving him the Gospel while they are at the gym.
[GYM MEMBER] ($100/day) 20-40, Male, Caucasian. Athletic.
[MONGO] ($100/day) 30-40, Male, Any ethnicity. A big scary-looking tough guy biker.
[BARRON] ($100/day) 30-40, Male, Any ethnicity. A timid man who nervously decides to share the Gospel with a rough-looking biker then later sees the man chasing after him only to say that he appreciated the gesture.

Send your headshot in JPG format and acting resume (if you have one) in PDF format to ptlcasting@gmail.com with the following file names:
Firstname Lastname Headshot.jpg
Firstname Lastname Resume.pdf
For example, “John Doe Headshot.jpg” and “John Doe Resume.pdf”
Do NOT send your resume as anything other than a PDF (no .doc or .pages files).
Phone Number:
Email address:
Are you 18 or older?: Yes or No
City in which you currently live:
Are you a SAG / AFTRA member?: Yes or No
Height / Weight:
Do you have any tattoos?: If so, briefly list its size and location.
Are you willing to be clean-shaven (Men only): Yes or No
What is your availability from January 29-February 8, 2018?
Please include a link to your acting reel (if you have one) in the body of the email.
Use the following subject heading for the submission:
Your First and Last Name, ROLE(S), City (where you are based), State
For example: Parker Campbell, COLLEGE STUDENTS, Petersburg, VA

Thank you for submitting your information. If you are selected to film an audition tape, you will be contacted with further instructions shortly. We will only be able to respond to those who are selected for an audition.