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Arlington – Casting Call for Feature Film – Feb 19-25, April 2-8 – Paid

Production title: Block Island
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent, Microbudget Film
Project length: Feature Film (80 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: Monday, January 15, 2017
Production location: Arlington, VA
Production Company: Reels on the Bus
Director: Jeffrey Douglas
Producer: Leila Borazjani, Maura Monahan
Shooting Location: Arlington, VA
Email: thereelsonthebus@gmail.com
Compensation: Yes, see details below


January 27, 20017, 1:30-3:00
(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)
Please send headshot and resume to TheReelsOnTheBus@gmail.com

Shooting timeframe: February 19-25, 2017 and April 2-8, 2017 (please note that not all roles will be needed for all days)

In an effort to hammer out his latest script, a screenwriter, Paul, returns to his hometown on Block Island to hunker down in a rental house for the weekend. Suffering writer’s block and a clear case of alcoholism, he struggles to move forward in the increasingly unsettling house. The writer is soon joined by others, with which he has a complicated history. A woman that he shares a strong but peculiar bond with, and his younger brother and sister, who harbor some resentment over his leaving them behind for a more successful life. As the weekend progresses, a bad storm traps them together inside the house. With no way out and facing their troubled past, the house’s own history starts to haunt them. Paranoia and fear set in as the threat becomes increasingly real. As history catches up with them, will facing the past head on be the only way for survival, or will doing so destroy them?

Character BIOS

[ZACH] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 30-35]

Zach is the younger brother. He harbors obvious resentment for his brother. The history between Zach and his older brother is complicated and filled with both rivalry and tension. (Rate: $50/day)


Maya is the younger sister. She contains a mixture of empathy and sadness toward her older brother. She exhibits an innocence and vulnerability that brings her older brother out of his shell. (Rate: $50/day)


Lilith is the woman with whom the Paul has a complicated history. She is at times caring and distant. Her mysterious connection to the siblings plays out over the course of the story. (Rate: $50/day)


The child version of Zach has a few appearances in flashbacks. (Rate: $30/day; approximately 1-2 days of shooting, dates TBD)


The child version of Maya has a few appearances in flashbacks. (Rate: $30/day; approximately 1-2 days of shooting, dates TBD)


The child version of Paul has a few appearances in flashbacks. (Rate: $30/day; approximately 1-3 days of shooting, dates TBD)


Paul’s dad appears in this story in flashback and in the present. He tries to connect with Paul, who is very distant. (Rate: $30/day; approximately 2-3 days of shooting, dates TBD)


Susan is Paul’s landlord on Block Island. (Rate: $30/day; approximately 1 day of shooting, date TBD)