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dmv area – seeking local talent

Carlyn Davis Casting is looking for talent for a non-union industrial shooting in the DC Metro Area sometime between November 5-16, 2019. 


ACTING EXPERIENCE IS NOT NECESSARY AT ALL. We are looking for people who are able to share their experiences and thoughts on the following topics: 


MUSIC – Musicians and/or music teachers, 50+, who believe music enhances their lives.


PUZZLES – People who do puzzles or problem-solving games (soduku, crossword puzzle, etc.), 50+, who believe puzzles and/or problem-solving games benefit their brains.


HEALTHY EATING – Healthful cooks (pro or hobby), 50+, who are healthful cooks (pro or hobby) who have some great recipes for low sugar recipes and a passion for cooking & eating healthily and helping others do the same. We are also interested in people who have improved their lives after lowering the sugar in their diet.


GRATITUDE PRACTICES – ages 50+ who have a gratitude practice that enhances their life – we want to learn how it’s helped you & share it with others.


For consideration or for more information please email suzanne@carlyndaviscasting.com with a headshot (if you have one) and several recent (within a month) snapshots. 


Please put “Industrial Casting” in the subject of your email and include all contact information including phone number in the body of the email. If you do not have a local DMV number, please include in which city/state you currently reside in the body of your email. Please also let us know which category you’d like to be considered for and give us a bit of background/information on your practices in your respective subject. 


All submissions must be received no later than 3:00pm Wednesday, October 23, 2019.


If you are not available for the shoot date or do not fit the above breakdown, please DO NOT submit. Any submissions that do not follow the above guidelines will be deleted.


We are looking for MD/DC/VA locals ONLY at this time.


No phone calls, please. Thank you!