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Acting Intensive Workshop ~ June 11th

Acting Intensive Workshop ~ June 11th

Newport News, VA

Learn what if takes to break into the business!!!
Workshop for all ages; This class consists of fabulously fun ways to hone your skills, and gain confidence as well as making long lasting actor friends of all ages here in Virginia and elsewhere. Sheri Lahris has served as an on-set teacher for such actors as Macauley Culkin, Anna Chlumsky, Melissa Joan Hart, and Keri Russell for such studios as MGM, Universal, Disney, Imagine, Warner Brothers, and Nickelodeon Studios. Sheri is also an actress and can be seen on FOX’s Bill O’Reilly’s Legends & Lies and will soon be starring in a new TV series called Coney Island.


What will I be learning in the Workshop?

Learn what it takes to have a successful acting career. We will have you get right into performing scenes with other actors and teach you what you need to be a professional actor.

These classes are for both the beginner and intermediate students.

  • Improv
  • scene work/audition technique
  • Monologues

“After I took Sheri’s class I felt so good about myself. I knew that I had acting talent, but Sheri and her staff brought it out of me in ways that I never dreamed of.” (Susan age 14)


“In the 3 day workshop Sheri makes you feel like you are the only actor in the room. I was hesitant to take these type of workshops as I thought everyone would know more than I did, yet I found that every actor, at every stage in their acting journey or career, or even age, at the end of the 3 days emerged from dull stones to brilliant shining actor diamonds. Shining brilliantly!!!!  All students had new found confidence in themselves and what they could offer of themselves to an audience. I highly recommend this class!!!!” (Tom age 25)


Location: Artinspired Studio, Newport News, VA

Cost: $85


Registration Link: https://june-11-intensive-with-sheri-lahris.eventbrite.com
Contact: www.sherlahris.com  – sherilahris@gmail.com – www.sherilahris.com