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Williamsburg, Norfolk, Richmond – Casting For US Navy Training Film – July 8th-16th – PAID

“Full Speed Ahead 3.0” 

US NAVY 4 Part Series Training Films

Production Company: Flash Frame Creative

Executive Producer: Julie Colan

Director: Richie Ellison

Producer: Ryan Farriss

Writer: Tom Tibor

Casting Director: Anne Chapman, CSA

Casting Assistants: Tracia Austin, Alexa Lushetsky, Naomi Bertha

Audition Dates: May 21st – June 8th, 2021 (first round via self-tape)

Audition Location: Virtual & Richmond, Virginia

Shoot Dates: July 8th, 9th (Williamsburg), July 12th, 13th,14th (Norfolk), 15th, 16th (Richmond), 2021

Shoot Locations: Williamsburg, Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia

Rate: $500/shoot day +10%(if agent), non-broadcast full buyout

Paid Fitting/Rehearsal

Travel: Gas, Lodging & Per Diem if needed. No airfare provided, must be within driving distance.

COVID-19 Production Protocol: Must be willing to fully adhere to most current Covid 19 guidelines.

Submit electronically by Noon on Monday, May 24th, 2021


“Full Speed Ahead 3.0” is a 4 part series of training films focused on the Navy’s diversity equity and inclusion initiatives.


Must be believable as current Navy. Male Navy roles must be willing to have haircut to meet Navy regulations, which will either be provided or reimbursed.  Women must be willing to wear long hair in a tight bun.

All those submitting must be believable as current Navy.

Dod Height/Weight Standards chart link is below:




“Full Speed Ahead 3.0” is a 4 part series of training films focused on the Navy’s diversity equity and inclusion initiatives.  



Please do not submit if you were a lead in any of the following:

Bystander Intervention to the Fleet – lead

FSA 1 & 2 – lead

Chart the Course – lead


Seeking the following:

[E4 STEPHANIE SANTAMARIA] Hispanic female 19-20 years old.

Petite, solid and strong. Santamaria is Cuban from Miami, Florida. Growing up, her dad taught her carpentry. She knew that as a woman in the Navy, especially as a builder in the Seabees, she would face challenges but none that she couldn’t tackle.           Shoots 2 days @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 8th & 9th in Williamsburg, VA.


[E3 REED BARBER] White male, 35-40.

Reed Barber is also a builder with the Seabees. He is from rural East Texas. He’s many years older—joined the Navy after working in construction for nearly fifteen years. He is looking to be a part of something bigger than himself. Highly skilled but an individualist. Used to being in charge, Barber struggles adopting a team mentality and feeling like he belongs.                                                 Shoots 2 days @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 8th & 9th in Williamsburg, VA.


[E7 BRAD HELMKE] Black or Bi-Racial male, 30-45.

Helmke’s a good Chief. At least with work processes and procedures, not so much people. Touchy feely is not part of who he is or understands. He will need to learn that communication and counseling Sailors like Barber is critical to team success. He will get some help from his wife, E7 Walsh.

Shoots 3 days @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 8th & 9th in Williamsburg, VA & July 15th in Richmond, VA.



The new Executive Officer, CDR Westbrook, is from San Diego, California. She is a model leader, someone to admire. Easy to like. Doesn’t get flustered and is a strong communicator. That said, she faces some challenges in the form of low morale and the fallout from a previous CO.                                                                                                                                                                           Shoots 2 days @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 12th & 13th in Norfolk, VA.

[E4 TIM GREEN] Black male, 21-24 years old.

E4 Green is an Electronics Technician (ET). Green is a good Sailor, but his experiences under the previous CO have left him, like other Sailors, disillusioned.                                                                                                                                                                         Shoots 2 days @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 12th & 13th in Norfolk, VA.

[E8 CHIEF PETTY OFFICER JOE CARSON] Black male, 32-35. male, Black, 32-35)

Large in stature. Carson has gone through a lot in his career. He’s seen and experienced racial discrimination and is viewed by some on the ship as having protected Black Sailors by ignoring transgressions. This is not true, but the perception exists, fed by a command climate rife with mistrust.                                                                                                                                                      Shoots 2 days @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 12th & 13th in Norfolk, VA.

[E4 LUIS MARTIN] Hispanic Male, 21-24 years old.                                                                                                                        E4 Martin is Mexican-American from Texas, an Electronics Technician (ET). He’s a good Sailor, although he has been disillusioned by the command climate. He believes he was singled out by his Chief, Carson, for minor infractions that other Sailors got away with. Martin used to be tight with Green, but their friendship has been badly strained lately.                                                                  Shoots 2 days @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 12th & 13th in Norfolk, VA.

[E6 EMILY ANDERSON] White female, 26 years old.

E6 Anderson is from a relatively small town.  Before joining the Navy, she hadn’t spent a lot of time around a diverse group of people.  She’s a bit conservative and a practicing Lutheran.  Religion is very important to her and she doesn’t understand why it is frowned upon to be open about it.                                                                                                                                                    Shoots 1 day @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 14th in Norfolk, VA.

[E3 GRACE LEE] South Korean female, 19-20 years old.

E3 Lee is hard-working and reserved, and she gets along great with her fellow sailors. She went against her parents’ wishes and joined the Navy instead of going to college. While she hasn’t been maliciously discriminated against, she does receive off-handed comments when male sailors find out that she is a lesbian.  While no harm is intended, she doesn’t like being made to feel different in her unit.                                                                                                                                                                                              Shoots 1 day @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 14th in Norfolk, VA.

[E5 SETH ROBERTS] White male, 22-24 years old.

Roberts is from Georgia, and though he has a southern accent, it has softened a little during his time in the Navy. Roberts would consider himself a conservative, but he has disdain for extremes in either direction of the political landscape.  He just wants to be judged on who he is as a person.                                                                                                                                                      Shoots 1 day @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 14th in Norfolk, VA.

[E5 HASSAN ANSARI] Middle-eastern male, 22-24 years old.

E5 Hassan Ansari is Muslim – his family is from the Middle East but he was born in the States. He is annoyed by the misinformed perspectives some people have on his religion and is very sensitive to it.                                                                                       Shoots 1 day @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 14th in Norfolk, VA.

[E5 SAM TORRANCE] Black male, 22-24 years old.

E5 Torrance is from South Chicago. Torrance loves the Navy and wants to make a career of it. His background has made him cautiously aware of the weight that race may play in his career path however.                                                                                Shoots 1 day @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 14th in Norfolk, VA.

[KEVIN HARRIS] Black male, 18 years old.

Kevin is a Senior in high school in Richmond, Virginia. Captain of his high school football team, a month away from graduation, with no solid plans.  He’s got a negative image of the Navy. His uncle served, four and out, and doesn’t think Black Sailors were treated fairly. The uncle doubts “things have changed that much.” Kevin’s smart but his grades don’t set him apart. He’s working as a “Food Hub” driver to make some money. Kevin’s confident and not afraid to speak his mind.                                                                  Shoots 1 day @ $500/shoot day – most likely July 16th in Richmond, VA.


Submission Instructions:

Submitting via Breakdown Services and Actors Access is the preferred method of submitting.  

If you/your agent have already submitted there, no need to submit again, in fact, please DO NOT DOUBLE SUBMIT. 

If that is not available to you we would still like to have the opportunity to consider you, if that is the case please submit your head shot/resume & reel (if you have one) as well as the other requested submission form information to:



Thank you in advance for your submission! 

Submitting does not guarantee an audition, you will be contacted if selected to self-tape.


Every submission is thoughtfully considered.  

Specific requirements to each role are indicated above.  

Anne Chapman Casting is a safe space where all voices are equal regardless of age, sex, racial, tribal, religious, linguistic, cultural or national origin, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.