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Washington D.C. – The Business Side of Media Master Class: Business Plan – June 20 – Fee

WIFV is honored to bring the expertise of Linda Maslow to the benefit of WIFV Members in a three-part master class series – The Business Side of Media!  These workshops are equally valuable if you are starting a business with anticipated staff/ contractors or working as a freelancer. Please bring a business plan if you have one, or at the very least bring an idea, on paper, of what your intentions are for your business, and hard questions about everything else. We want to hear your intentions and provide the information to bring them to reality.
You can sign up for one or all three workshops below.
This is the roadmap for everything you will do and spells out the management’s recipe for success for the new business. This plan is what you will bring to your banker, or the SBA, or whomever, and it will also keep you in line with your original goals, even years down the road.  What is included in a Business Plan?  Everything!!  This should include ALL the anticipated expenses of running your business, i.e. staff, marketing, equipment, rent, including home office, payroll, and more.  More importantly, where will your revenue come from?  We’ll talk about how to approach a banker and why owning a home might get you somewhere! Everything in this section will be relevant for the one-person band too!!
The focus in the earliest days will be getting your office in order, having all software in place, and marketing. This will be when you actually launch your brand. What will that take? Will you have collateral materials? Do you need them? What about social media? Please bring your ideas.
All participants will make a pitch to the banker! (Linda Maslow will be your pitch recipient.) Sessions one and two will provide you with all the information you will need for this crucial step.
For registration and ticket prices, please visit: http://www.wifv.org/events/#id=10698&cid=783&wid=401&type=Cal
About our presenter:
Linda Maslow, founder of MASLOW MEDIA GROUP, led a successful business from the ground up, starting from nothing, to become an award winning multi million dollar woman owned first of its kind MEDIA STAFFING, CREWING, AND PAYROLL COMPANY,   This curriculum was developed by Ms. Maslow, for a class she created, and taught at George Mason University called The Business of Film and Video.