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Virginia Beach – Regent Casting Call 10+ films – Various dates – Unpaid


**Park in the main visitor parking lot and use the Communication Building’s northern entrance. (Closest to the CBN Satellites)**

Audition for 10+ Graduate Short Films

Oct. 13 2018 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Regent University, Communication Building, COMM 151 & 152.



INCOMPARABLE (joshja1@mail.regent.edu) “A 13-year-old girl, loves to dance, but is insecure and constantly compares herself to others. However, a temporary nanny discovers the problem and decides to help her overcome her insecurities.” *Roles: F. 12-14, (2) F. 20-30, F. 30-40 YRS OLD *Shooting Dates: 11/2-11/4 *Crew: SOUND, BOOM OP, GRIPS


TROUBLE BREWING (robefor@regent.edu) “Detective Scarlet thought she had some weird cases before, but this one will take a few more cups of coffee to grind out.” *Roles: M. 18-25, F. 18-35, EXTRAS *Shooting Dates: TBA *Crew: DP, CAM OP


ALWAYS & FOREVER (shausm2@mail.regent.edu) “Tristan Barlow seeks to find closure after her father’s death, and soon discovers the cause of her severed relationship.” *Roles: F. 17, F. 38, M. 16, F. 30’S, EXTRAS TEENS *Shooting Dates: 11/9 – 11/10 *Roles: DP, CAM OP, GRIPS


WITNESS PROTECTION (olivwil@mail.regent.edu) “After being fired from her job, a young woman tries to lie her way into the Witness Protection Program.” *Roles: F. 30’s-50’s, M. 20’s-30’s, M. 40’s-50’s, M. 30’s-50’s. OVERWEIGHT *Shooting Dates: 11/30 HALF DAY, 12/1 FULL DAY, 12/2 FULL DAY, 12/3 HALF DAY


SERENDIPITY (gabrro1@mail.regent.edu) “Vanessa and Michael go on a series of nightmare inducing dates using a dating app, they soon learn their best match is right in front of them.” *Roles: (3) F. 18-22, (3) M. 18-22, M/F. EXTRA *Shooting dates: 11/9 – 11/11 *Crew: DP, SCRIPT SUP, EDITOR


ALL THAT JAZZ (chrile5@mail.regent.edu) “Sarah, who had been sexually assaulted when she was a teenage, is still running from her past. Until one day, her daughter and mother sets her up with a youth pastor.” *Roles: F. 11-16. WHITE, F. 24-30. WHITE, F. 45-60. WHITE. M. 50-70 *Shooting Dates: 11/30 – 12/2 *Crew: 2ND AD, KEY GRIP, SOUND MIXER, BOOM OP


PERFECTLY IMPERFECT (jasmgr1@mail.regent.edu) “When a young adult is tired of living her life in solitude, she decides to embark on an unique journey. Along the way, she discovers that her distinct flaws are great possessions.” *Roles: F. 20’S. BLACK, F. 40’S. BLACK, (4) M. 20’S, (3) F. 20’s, CROWD EXTRAS *Shooting Dates: 11/9 EVENING, 11/10 EVENING, 11/11 AFTERNOON-EVENING *Crew: DP, GAFFER, SOUND, GRIPS,


THE RITUAL (samujo3@mail.regent.edu) “An introverted college student meets a group of friends who accept him for once, but he soon finds out what it takes to be in the inner circle – a near death experience.” *Roles: (3) M. EARLY 20’S – MID 30’S, (2) F. EARLY 20’S – MID 30’S *Shooting Dates: 11/8 12PM – 9PM, 11/9 10AM – 6PM


BLOW THE WHISTLE (anthutu@mail.regent.edu) “Rita, a sexually abuse college student, was abused by her father and sexually approached by professors but she finally stands, demands and gets justice.” *Roles: M. 40-50, EXTRAS. 18-30 (MAINLY 25) *Shooting Dates: 11/29 – 12/1 *Crew: UPM, DP, 1 ST AC, 1 ST AD


THIS IS MY AFRICA (gwengab@mail.regent.edu) “The people groups in South Africa must choose, in the face of possible civil war, to either unite or divide the country.” *Roles: M. 25-30. BLACK. AFRICAN DANCER, M. 25-30. WHITE. AFRICAN DANCER, M. 25-30. COLOURED. AFRICAN DANCER, M. 25-30. INDIAN. AFRICAN DANCER, (5) M. 25-30. AFRICAN DANCER *Shooting Dates: 11/10 – 11/12 OR 11/17 – 11/18 *Crew: DIRECTOR, SCRIPT SUP, UPM, CHOREOGRAPHER, HAIR/MAKE-UP ARTIST, DOCUMENTARY FILMAKER/PHOTOGRAPHER


THE PAYOFF (sharhuf@mail.regent.edu) “In the Great Depression, Daryl and Janie are married only a few months when Daryl is let go from his job. At home he informs Janie who, in turn, announces that she is pregnant. *Roles: M. BLACK, 25-30, M. BLACK, 30-35, M. BLACK, 20-25, M. WHITE, MID 40’S, F. BLACK 18- 20, M. 40’S. VOICE OVER, 7 MIXED EXTRAS *Shooting Dates: 11/17 10AM-9PM, 11/18 1PM-6PM *Crew: PD, EDITOR, SOUND OP, BOOM OP


THE LONER GOES HOME (alexrea@mail.regent.edu) “A nervous wreck moves into college for the first time ever away from another state. Will she make a friend or is she destined to be alone?” *Roles: F. EARLY 20’S, F. 20’S, M. 50’S, F/M LATE 20’S – EARLY 30’S *Shooting Dates: 10/TBA (EARLY NOV) *Crew: DIRECTOR, DP, CAM OP, BOOM OP, 1ST AD THE FACE OF


SCARIFICE (johnist@mail.regent.edu) “A boy and his mother arrive in a small Virginia town to get a fresh start. A man in pain will help them heal from their painful past and in turn will be healed and find his purpose.” *Roles: M. MID 20’S, F. MID – LATE 20’S, M. 12 YR OLD, F. 12 YR OLD, (2) M. 12 YR OLD. *Shooting Dates: 10/25 – 10/27 *Crew: DIRECTOR, 1ST AD, CAM OP/DP, (2) BOOM OP, SPECIAL FX MAKEUP ARTIST, SET SAFETY SUP



*Email specified casting director to request an audition slot by stating the film title and position/character you’re interested in. If you can’t make it, still email for alternative. *Bring head-shots, resumes, and a 1-min contemporary monologue to your audition.