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Virginia Beach – Casting for student film – Nov 9-10 – Paid/nonpaid

Film Title: Always & Forever

Director: Shaudae Smith

Auditions: Saturday, October 13th

Shoot Dates: November 9th and 10th

Logline: Tristan Barlow, a high school student, seeks to find closure after her father’s death, and soon discovers the cause of their severed relationship.

Character roles:

Tristan Barlow: Young female; 17 years of age (or can look the part). She is anxious, eager, and proud in nature. She struggles to accept the reality that she is the cause of her severed relationship with her father who remarried when she was younger.

Annie Barlow: The mother of Tristan Barlow; 38 years of age. She is divorced, generous, bright, nurturing, yet concerned. She tries to be a rock for Tristan.

Danny McCallister: Tristan’s best friend; 16 years old. He is awkward, bighearted, worried, generous, gentle, selfless, and honest. He is in love with Tristan, but is careful to cross boundaries. He helps Tristan discover the cause of her severed relationship with her father, which also mimics her lack of romantic affection towards him.

Teacher: Tristan’s teacher is nurturing, caring, intelligent, and overzealous in nature. Tristan respects her, but is annoyed by her strict tactics. The teacher does show compassion towards Tristan’s loss. This causes Tristan to face her demons of why she has so much animosity towards her deceased father.

Extras: Students are needed for classroom scene, and background of the school hallway (diverse group of students).

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