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Virginia Beach – Casting for Film – PAID – ASAP

Title: Music For Tha Ladies

Dates: 05/03/2017- 05/25/2017

Location: Virginia Beach

Paid: $550 – lead roles; $400 – supporting roles

Synopsis: Drama-romance showing how Corsia Shock uses music to help her emotionally, with the ups / downs of her new relationship. Sincere, with producer, Blu, is the Sexy voice behind the city #1 nightly music show. Successful attorneys in mid 20s Corsia and Jen spend time with Emma, Corsia’s mother and Tyryk, her 19yr old brother who has a playful personality and is extremely protective of Corsia.



Emma Shock: Female / Supporting / Caucasian / 39 – 55
Late 40s early 50s – Corsia / Tyryk’s mother She’s always there for her kids and Jennifer as well. Widowed, but enjoying life. She’s very lovingly outspoken sometimes to a fault!

Tyryk Shock: Male / Supporting / Caucasian / 19 – 22
19yrs old – Corsia’s brother / Club promoter. He’s very protective of his sister. Loves her and their mom very much. And, has been in love with Jennifer for years.

Jennifer McCoy: Female / Supporting / African American, Asian, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Native American, Pacific Islander / 24 – 28
Mid 20s – Best friend to main character / also Successful Attorney. Her and Corsia have been best friends since 5 grade. She loves Corsia and her family. Their personalities are different. She loves how Corsia uses music in her life. She’s not in a relationship and isn’t looking from one.

Sincere: Female / Lead / Caucasian / 25 – 30
Early – Mid 30’s – Metro-sexual radio personality behind, ‘Music 4 Tha Ladies’ His Sexy voice, empowering / sensual music played on the show has made it #1 and him the fantasy of his mostly female listening audience as well as some the men.

Corsia Shock: Female / Lead / Caucasian / 24 – 28
Mid 20’s – Main Character Successful Attorney. Music lover. Beginning new relationship after a hiatus from the last disaster she was in.


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