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VA Beach – Casting Call for Student Film – March 23 & March 24 – Unpaid

Genre: Drama

Director: Sandra Demetrius

Producer(s):  Sandra Demetrius and Tony Holobyte

Audition Dates: March 23rd – 24th    Time: 6pm – 8pm

Shooting Dates:  March 31st – April 2nd

Auditions Location: Regent University Communication Building,  room 105
(Located on the south side of the building, opposite of the satellites)


Title: “DAVID”

Synopsis: A father with Alzheimer’s and his son meets for the first time after years apart. While they share a talent for music, their strained relationship is tested as they currently live in two separate realities. Will their shared love of music help them to love and understand each other beyond boundaries and traditions, before it is too late?


Casting for: Leads Roles and Extras

[David] [GENDER: Male] [AGE: 29-35] – A musician who had given music up when he was younger to get a real job. Calm, dutiful on the outside, holds a deep bitterness inside. More than anything else, David wants his father to see him for who he really is.

[Avigdor] [GENDER: Male] [AGE: 59-70] David’s Father has Alzheimer’s. Very proud of his heritage. As his memory fades, he struggles even harder to hold on to what he feels is slipping away. Stubborn. Playful at times. Loves his dog. Loves playing traditional music.

**NOTE for David and Avigdor: Ability to play piano or other instrument is a plus, but not required. David or Alvigdor would have to be Jewish (African descent included) Both Jewish and non-Jewish are encouraged to audition if willing to play the role.

[Chris] [AGE: 9-11] – Curious. Likes technology and apps. Represents a mirror that shows a reflection of David in his younger years.

[Lady Tenant] [AGE 35- 55] – No nonsense, but has a kind heart. Offers her unsolicited advice to David, outspoken, can sense when something isn’t right.

Animal Shelter Attendant: Age 18 – Mid 20’s – Has to deliver some bad news, that turns out to be the best news.

Dog – Older dog – golden retriever look, loyal to the owner type, but we’ll take all applicants J has to appreciate music. Likes to howl along.

Tenant Extras – Any age adult [21 & UP] Any Ethnicity


If interested, please send email Tony Holobyte and/or Sandra Demetrius at

TonyHolobyte@gmail.comccsanddem@mail.regent.edu,  to book an appointment for an audition. Please include “Auditions – DAVID” in the subject bar ALONG WITH the character name you wish to audition for with attached headshot, resume and reel (if applicable) to your email.