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TIDEWATER AREA – Crew Call for Student Production – July 9-13 – PAID

This is a casting call for crew members for the student ensemble film, Cake Soap. 

Their production dates (July 9-13) are flexible based on your schedules. They will be filming for a MAXIMUM of 5 days, may be less depending on pace of production.

Production Days: 8 hours MAXIMUM, may be less depending on production pace, crew, and talent.

Setting: Tidewater Area (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake)

Synopsis: Bouchon and Lougarau want to move up in the world out of their circumstances, but they cannot survive in a professional environment until they meet D’Leau. The two hustlers convince D’Leau to teach them how to hustle at higher levels. But is the method they’re using to appear professional changing who they are or just how they look?

Genre: Crime/Thriller/Dramedy about a group of Caribbean-American immigrants learning how to adjust to the social norms of American society while trying to make sure they do not waste their opportunity to be in the States.

Production Company: Trafelgar Pictures

Producer: Glen Mason

Director: Henderson Brathwaite

Writer: Troy Nichols

DP: Yusef Hussien

Please send Film Reels (Examples of Work) and Resumes to HBrathwa@Pratt.edu.

Food, Drink and Accommodations on set will be provided.

Transportation and Housing negotiable for if needed.

Anyone interested in EXTRA work please send email as well.

Please add Role you’re applying for and Stage Name in “Subject” of email as “ROLE | NAME”

Any emails with missing items will be ignored,

Thank You For Your Time.



AUDIO PERSON ($400 / 5 Day) – Have your own equipment preferably (micro mics, boom mics, etc) able to get great audio coverage of Exteriors and Interiors.

LIGHTING ($400 / 5 Day) – Trying to go for a Desaturated 3rd Cinema (Caribbean) type of look film, with dramatic enough lighting to take the Dark Comedy seriously.

2nd Assistant Director ($400 / 5 Day) – Operate 1 of 3 cameras on set to get multiple shots at the same time. May do handheld, tracking, or tripod shots.

Make-Up Artist ($400 / 5 Day) – Have your own products preferably (Fenty Beauty) great at coloring Caribbean skin (Afro-Latino/West-Indian People). Also able to color human skin with safe body coloring for Surreal scenes.

Production Assistant ($400 / 5 Day) – Adept at understanding the filmmaking process and able to assist with Cast and Crew to help make the most efficient shooting environment.

Set Designer ($400 / 5 Day) – Extensive knowledge of colors and mood to be able to arrange the affordable Locations to best fit the film. Keep continuity with props, set and background to keep shots in order and presentable. Knowledge of 3rd Cinema film style and film sets.

Grip/Gaffer ($400 / 5 Day) – Someone with great skill at Technical film set ups, assisting for moving equipment throughout the sets and locations. Able to set up tracks, tripods and lighting in a knowledgeable and safe way. Also if you have extra equipment for shooting to use during filming preferably.

Editor ($400 / Day negotiable) – Able to edit Audio and Visually preferably. Comfortable with C-Log Raw Footage. Understanding of Dark Comedy, Crime and Fantasy Films to be able to create believable moods and transitions between scenes and maintain story arch.