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Swagger – Minor Background Roles – Permitting Info – Paid

Parents: Swagger is seeking paid background actors who are minor children, ages 6-15 ONLY.

Parents, in order for your child to be able to work in film or tv, on each show, you must submit an application for work to be permitted by the VA dept of labor.

* If your child worked on Homeland as an example, they still would need to apply for the workday on “Swagger” separately-  permits are not interchangeable.

The application forms need to be notarized, and that costs money, SO….. we are making it easy for parents, as we have a NOTARY on site for the rest of the year here at our studio, (kids need not be present.)

We can not guarantee we will need or use your child, however we want to help you be prepared!

SO Stop by:
4300 Carolina Avenue
Richmond Va 23222
and ask for miss MiMi!
*Between Noon and 630 pm only M-F*

DISCLAIMER: This visit to our office, does not mean that your child will be work permitted, just that we have submitted the application on your behalf.
It takes at least 5 days to get the permits we will reach out and you can also follow this page to submit!

Parents you need to bring VALID NON & EXPIRED. Government-issued ID as follows :
1. DMV issued IDs or DL( Most Common)
and A Social Security card OR birth certificate
OR Valid US passport

For your kids, the parent will need to bring as follow:
2.ss card
PLUS school IDs AND a birth certificate
or Valid US passport.

If and when booked for work, we only pay the CHILD, and your day and the child’s day needs to be completely clear and free all day! Some roles may require a paid fitting before the shoot date- so please bear in mind the type of parent we are looking for should have a VERY flexible schedule.

So- once again, parents, need ID and the child’s I.D or we won’t notarize- we must view the items,

Thanks in advance and please share.