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Statewide – Submit to the Creative World Awards – final Deadline Jan 15 – Fee

Is it your New Year’s Resolution to finally finish that script you’ve been working on? Or maybe you’ve been sitting on a script for a while without submitting it anywhere.


We think 2019 should be the year you change that.


Finish up your script and submit it to our Late Deadline for the 2019 CWA season. It’s one week away! Submit your script by 11:59 EST on January 15 to be considered.


Entry only submissions for Feature Length scripts will be received for $59.00. Writers can also receive a Judge’s Scorecard and Brief Notes (1 1/2 pages of notes on your script’s current strengths and weaknesses) for Feature Length scripts for $99.00 – only if you submit by 11:59 EST on January 15! *Entry Fee is $10 less for Short Length Scripts and Teleplays.


TO ENTER:  Visit the CWA website at www.creativeworldawards.com for more information on how to submit through our site, Film FreewayCoverflyor WithoutaBox.  Past script entries are welcome!


If you are placing an order for a Judge’s Scorecard with your entry or any level of notes, they will start rotating back to you within a few weeks of the delivery date, no later than the end of February 2019.