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Statewide – “How Can You Help Virginia Film making?”

Tell Your Story to Virginia Lawmakers

Every year we hold “Film Day” at the Virginia General Assembly building, but this year that structure is beginning a four-year renovation, and lawmakers’ offices have been moved to the Pocahontas Building, 900 East Main Street in Richmond. The temporary building isn’t large enough to accommodate public gatherings, so the VPA won’t be hosting Film Day as in the past, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise your right to speak with your representatives!

The VPA has two veteran lobbyists working for us, and they need your help with their legislative efforts. You can help a great deal by either writing, calling, emailing or visiting your lawmakers in their new temporary offices.

Don’t know who your lawmaker is?  Just click on the button below, and enter your address.  You will find your delegate and senator, along with their phone numbers and a link to email them.  If you wish, you can send your message directly from this page — no need to go anywhere else. 

Who is My Representative?

What Should You Say?

Whether you are writing, calling or meeting in person the most important thing you can do is to convey your unique story. Are you a student wanting to stay in your home state to work? Are you employed full time in the industry and need to support yourself and your family? Tell them why film is important to you, and ask them to support any legislation or budget items that promote the film and television industry in Virginia. It’s really that simple.