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Statewide – Crew needed for Animated Series – 2022/2023 – Paid

Show runner in search of an animation team for an upcoming R-rated series. Seeking artists and animators who work in 2D.
This is a micro budget production, but all artists, editors, and team members will be compensated.
Single animators will be considered. teams must be able to deliver:
– storyboard
– professional collaborative attitude
Must be able to follow concept art and directors notes while providing feedback and expanding on the work with personal expertise.
Stylistically reflects Japanese anime and early American cartoon.
This is a modern horror/fantasy series, consisting of body horror, dream imagery and some partial nudity.
This project is backed by grants and crowd funding. Compensation is capped, but depending on team size and expertise, can be negotiated
$60,000 – $100,000
To Apply:
Please send video reels of your strongest work, portfolios, and web links to bennettnm@alumni.vcu.edu
The director will be in touch after reviewing animator information to schedule a zoom interview to go over concept art, production schedule and compensation.