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State Farm, VA – CASTING for PBS “My Brother’s Keeper” – Sept. 12, 2016 – Paid



See the following breakdown for PBS “My Brother’s Keeper” to be filmed October 13-15, 2016.


Filming Location

State Farm, VA


Audition Time

11a-7p; By appointment only (See submission details below)


Audition Location


9200 Stony Point Pkwy #193

Richmond, VA 23235

(Park near Lens Crafters and come toward Cinebistro.  We are on the right beside Lens Crafters in Stony Point Fashion Park.)



Audition will be on tape for producers

Virginia local hire only

Accepting self-taped submissions



Ethan (adult) – Male, Caucasian, 18-20, must be over 18, average build. Stoic older brother with a deep seated sense of right and wrong. Stubborn and sometimes difficult but has a good heart. His biggest regret is leaving his brother behind on the farm with his abusive father. He fights for the Union army.

Rate: $350/day (2 days)


Jackson (adult) – Male, Caucasian, Looks 15-16, must be over 18, thin build. Quiet and compassionate younger brother holding onto bitterness over his brother leaving the southern farm to join the Union army up north. He was forced into joining the confederate army by his father who he resents, and the war has been hell for him. He wishes more than anything that he could go back to the life he had before the war.

Rate: $350/day (2 days)


Young Ethan (child) – Male, Caucasian, 11-13, Adventurous and confident. Loves his younger brother more than anything in the world and would do anything to protect him.

Rate: $350/day (2 days only)


Young Jackson (child) – Male, Caucasian, 8-10, Shy, introverted, and innocent. Trusts his older brother completely. Loves his mother and is a little afraid of his father.

Rate: $350/day (2 days)


Robert (father) – Male, Caucasian, 35-45, Quiet and stern. Very strict with his children. Is an alcoholic and had a bad relationship with his father. Very abusive with his slaves, he does not see them as humans.

Rate: $200/day (1 day)

*Photo submissions only


John (slave) – Male, African-American, 40-50, Born into slavery with The Fields family. Roberts father beat Johns father to death when he was young. He tries to see the good in people but can’t find much in his master.

Rate: $200/day (1 day)

*Photo submissions only


If you meet the breakdown above, please submit to castingmbk@gmail.com & note role in subject.