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Roanoke – Casting Short Student Film – Jan 13-17- unpaid

“The Rescue” casting call:

Casting a short student fantasy film. Logline: Two women, an elderly mermaid and a human mother, need to save their families after a local pipeline leak.

Seeking actresses for lead roles, and one actor for a minor, single-day role.

Female, 40s to 60s
Protagonist. An elderly mermaid under pressure to magically heal her sick grandson. Confident in her magic powers, stressed for the health of her family, and wary of humans. Average height or shorter (5’6” or less). All ethnicities welcome to apply.

Female, 30s to 40s
Pearl’s daughter who flees from a nearby town to save her sick son. Focused on survival, loyal to her mother, and wary of humans. Average height (5’4” to 5’8”) Muscular or curvy build. All ethnicities welcome to apply.

Female, 20s to 30s
Lead role. A human woman who goes to extremes to cure her baby daughter. Cunning, devoted to her daughter, a bit paranoid, very superstitious. Tall to average height (5’6” to 5’10”) Lanky or wiry build. All ethnicities welcome to apply.

Business Man
Male, 25 to 40
Minor character who works in a white collar job for a pipeline company. Threatened by Cleo. Average height (5’6″ to 5’11”). All ethnicities welcome to apply.

Script available upon request. One minute monologue for each character will be presented at audition. Please email GatesMC@hollins.edu to schedule an audition.

Shooting will take place at Hollins University campus. Shooting schedule currently projected for 13 to 27 Jan, but the schedule is flexible.

Unpaid. Details on expenses can be negotiated after callback.