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Richmond/Norfolk – Anne Chapman Casting seeking 8 actors for Non-Union US Navy Protocol Video – paid

Full Speed Ahead

US Navy Protocol Video (Non-Union)

Production Company: Metro Productions

Casting Director: Anne Chapman, CSA

Casting Assistants: Mary Kathryn Severin & Tracia Austin


Audition Dates: Tuesday, August 30th & Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Callback Date: Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia


Shoot Dates/Location: September 19th-23rd, 2016, Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia

(Most roles will not shoot all 5 days, but do not yet know individual roles shoot dates)


Rate: Lead Role $500+10% (if agent) per shoot date, non-broadcast, full buyout.

Supporting role $400+10% (if agent) per shoot date, non-broadcast, full buyout.

Paid fittings/rehearsal and haircut expenses

Travel: Gas and lodging if needed


Submit electronically by Noon on Sunday, August 28th, 2016, at the latest, to be considered.

Please let us know if you have appeared in other Navy Training Films. Include name of film and when it was made.



Preferred method of submitting is Actors Access or Breakdown Express if agent.

If you have already submitted there, please do not submit again!!


Otherwise, please use the following link to submit and make sure to follow all directions closely.



Full Speed Ahead


Full Speed Ahead

Richmond, Virginia Boutique Casting




You will be asked to include the following information

Role(s) you are submitting for:


Confirm you are aware this is a Non-Union project:

E-mail address:

Phone number:



Age Range:

Audition date availability:

Shoot date availability:

State of Residence:

Travel distance to Richmond:

Travel distance to Norfolk:

Have you appeared in a Navy Training Film in the past:

If yes, when:


“Full Speed Ahead” spans four years.  The periods for each character are indicated below along with their rank progressions.


This is a Non-Union production.  Specified roles must meet Navy Fitness Standards.

Male Navy Roles must be willing to have haircuts that meet Navy regulations.

All those submitting must be believable as current NAVY.

DoD Height/Weight Standards chart is included below, please check, if you do not fit the Standard, do not submit.


Again, please do not submit if you do not meet the physical standards and (for men) if you are unwilling to have a haircut that meets NAVY Standards.  


No visible piercings or tattoos.


Submitting does not guarantee an audition.  We greatly appreciate your submission and review every submission. You will be contacted with the location and time if you are selected to audition.  Thanks again!


Seeking the following roles:


Full Speed Ahead


FC3 – FC2 TIM SMITH – Any Ethnicity Male.  20-25yrs. (2013-2016).  A quiet, self-contained ambitious and proud Sailor.

TIM is smart and focused, a team player who realizes the Navy has given him a leg up from a bad start in life. Doesn’t rest for a minute, likes to keep busy and see the job done right.  SMITH did not join immediately out of high school, so he is slightly older than several of his shipmates.  He is starting to lose his good attitude in response to his frustrating environment.

LEAD $500+10% (if agent) per shoot day.   Likely shoots 3 days.


FC3 – FC2 SARAH JORDAN – Any Ethnicity Female. 20-25yrs. (2013-2016).  Skilled, but a slacker.  Volatile, lacks proper military bearing.  Can become grouchy, even resentful at times.  Hardened and cynical her toxic attitude is negatively affecting her shipmates. Hiding a difficult relationship with her boyfriend. Likes to work hard, but play even harder.

LEAD $500+10% (if agent) per shoot day.  Likely shoots 3 days.


FC1 JOSH DURST – Any Ethnicity Male.  Late 20s. (2013-2014).  Popular and outgoing JOSH struggles to strike a balance between “buttoned up leader” and “friend” with his Sailors.  At times stressed, frustrated and anxious. Never intentionally mean, but has a reputation for playing favorites. Tends to be embarrassed when he doesn’t have the answer.  When mistakes are made, DURST deflects the blame, and is apt to scapegoat those below him.  He has been known to take undeserved glory.  Likes to let off steam when given the opportunity.

LEAD $500+10% (if agent) per shoot day. Likely shoots 2 days.


FC3 BRYAN SUMNER – Any Ethnicity Male. 18-25yrs. (2016).  Quiet and shy, BRYAN has difficulty finding his voice and speaking up for himself.  Nervous, easily intimidated and frequently withdrawn.  Has trouble making eye-contact.   Despite his lack of people skills, BRYAN is smart and innovative, a creative thinker.  There is a place for him, he just needs a bit of compassion to give him room to gain self confidence.

LEAD $500+10% (if agent) per shoot day.  Likely shoots 2 days.


E7 CHIEF JOHN THOMAS – Any Ethnicity Male. 35-40yrs. (2013-2014). Commanding, but harried.  An “old school” type that doesn’t suffer fools lightly.  Wants his Sailors to “just figure it out and get it done” without a lot of hand holding.  Not a great communicator. Terse and distant.  Presides over a division that has some problems and, he might just be one of them.  Doesn’t understand why the younger generation questions authority, feeling they too often want to know “why” they have to do what they’re told to do.   He doesn’t come around often, but when he does, it’s usually because someone is in trouble.

LEAD $500+10% (if agent) per shoot day.  Likely shoots 1 day.


LTJG KATHRYN JONES – Any Ethnicity Female. 25-35yrs. (2013-2014).  Excellent leader, even-keeled, disciplined, caring. Aware of the many pressures her Sailors are under.  Empathetic and fair.  Hands on and willing to help when she has the time.  Does not run from a crisis.

SUPPORTING $400+10% (if agent) per shoot day.  Likely shoots 1 day.


LT GARY CLARK – Any Ethnicity Male. 25-35yrs. (2014).  A skilled leader who has high standards and expects everyone to meet them. Can be a bit intimidating about getting the job done.  No one wants to let him down.

SUPPORTING $400+10% (if agent) per shoot day. Likely shoots 1 day.


LTJG SELLERS – Any Ethnicity Male or Female. 25-35yrs. (2016). No nonsense yet polite.  Makes decisions easily.  Knows what will work and what won’t work.  MOS.


$400+10% (if agent) per shoot day.  Likely shoots 1 day.




Maximum Allowable Weight Chart

MEN      MEN                    WOMEN              WOMEN
Height   Weight                  Height                   Weight
(Inches) (Max Allowed)    (Inches)                 (Max Allowed)

57           127                         57                           127
58           131                         58                           131
59           136                         59                           136
60           141                         60                           141
61           145                         61                           145
62           150                         62                           149
63           155                         63                           152
64           160                         64                           156
65           165                         65                           160
66           170                         66                           163
67           175                         67                           167
68           181                         68                           170
69           186                         69                           174
70           191                         70                           177
71           196                         71                           181
72           201                         72                           185
73           206                         73                           189
74           211                         74                           194
75           216                         75                           200
76           221                         76                           205
77           226                         77                           211
78           231                         78                           216
79           236                         79                           222
80           241                         80                           227