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Richmond & Williamsburg – Casting for trailer project – tentative dates mid august – paid


4 actors (3 adults and 1 child) needed for proof-of-concept pitch trailer shoot in Richmond, VA and Williamsburg, VA. 2-day shoot, dates not set but aiming for mid August. $100/day.

“Dark Enough To See The Stars”
Feature film based on the novel by Connie Lapallo and the true story of Joan Peirce’s survival of the Starving Time in Jamestown in 1609.

Contact director/producer Adam Lapallo at lapalloac@gmail.com for audition details.


Caucasian female, mid-to-late 20s, medium build, dark hair
An empathetic and caring mother with a firm spirit in a strange new world. A survival of many losses and hardships, each of which will shape her into a pillar of strength in the New World.

Caucasian female, early-to-mid 20s, slim build, fair complexion
Youthful energy and optimism bordering on the naïve, which nonetheless is able to endure throughout hardship. A free spirit from a wealthy family who came to Virginia in search of adventure.

Caucasian female, early-to-mid 20s, stocky build, mousy hair
Upbeat and disorganized yet wise beyond her years. Caring and full of love for her people, always ready with sage advice in times of need. A shrewd social navigator talented at acquiring allies. Must have a strong singing voice.

Caucasian female, 5 years old
Playful and innocent, caught in a strange new environment, yet capable of adapting.