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Richmond & Midlothian – Casting Call for VCU student short film – March 2022 – Unpaid

A psychological coming of age film being produced  by VCU cinema students.

Logline: After a high school boy gets involved in a classmate’s fatal accident he is forced to confront his troubled past.

We are currently accepting remote auditions for the following roles:

Marcus: 18-21 Male. Closed off after witnessing his parents murder when he was a child. A talented artist with little interest in socializing with his peers.

Jamie: 20-24 Female. Marcus’ older cousin. Has maternal instincts and a tendency to make decisions that aren’t necessarily in her best interest.

Rita: 35-55 Female. Jamie’s mother and Marcus’ aunt. A typical motherly figure. Respectful of boundaries and wants what’s best for those under her care.

Meg: 18-21 Female. The subject of many of Marcus’ art pieces. Sporty with lots of friends. Kind hearted and accepting of everyone.

Kevin: 18-21 Male. Typical high school jerk. Territorial and aggressive; jealous and targets people because he’s insecure.

Therapist: 26-55 Male or Female. Has been Marcus’ therapist since he was a kid. Specializes in developmental and child psychology. Does her best to connect with her patients without being too invasive.

Featured Extras and Supporting Roles available

Those interested in auditioning should email incrediblyokayfilms@gmail.com with a headshot, resume (if applicable) and which role(s) you’re interested in.

Website: https://lpdphotoandvideo.wixsite.com/website