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Richmond – major cable network seeking extras for sensitive content – Aug-Nov – Paid

Carol Grant Casting seeks adult women, ages 21 & older that are comfortable working in scenes withee adult content and sexual situations.

These scenes will take place in a Saloon/Hotel and can be best described as a brothel or bordello back in the mid-1800’s.

Some scenes require partial nudity and the portrayal of ‘haggard prostitutes’ & ‘saloon gals’.

Full disclosure and the highest level of professionalism is key from all parties involved.

There will be higher based pay for women working under a partial nudity agreement.

Women wanting to be considered for these roles should submit ASAP via email to cgcastingvirginia@gmail.com

Subject for these roles should be Saloon Women

Be sure to include the following with your email:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • A current photo of yourself in a bathing suit
  • City & State in which you reside
  • Are you willing to work as a local hire?
  • Height & Weight
  • Do you have tattoos? If so please list where.
  • Union Status (Sag Member or Non Union)
  • Yes, I am willing to work partial nude (either topless or showing backside)
  • Or I am willing to work in scenes of this nature, but I’m not willing to do partial nudity


If these types of scenes don’t appeal to you, please do continue to follow us for other types of background roles. There will be many announced in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you!  Carol Grant