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Richmond – Improvisation & Character Development Course – Sept 5 – Fee

Improvisation & Character Development Course

This multi-week course starts Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 6:30-8:30 pm

Why do I need to Improv? If you ever plan on auditioning for a role, it is essential. Can you improv a scene on the spot? Can you be present in the moment and create an inspiring and spontaneous performance without a rehearsal?
Be Creative!
You know the lines, but do you know who your character is?
Why do they do what they do and say?
How do they feel and think? What motivates them?

As an added bonus, students from this class also get represented by Final Act Drama Talent Agency for upcoming on camera acting projects.

We film all exercises and scenes and playback your performance so you can see and improve your work.

Tuition = 2 payments of $197.50 or 1 payment of $375.00
+ $16 Registration fee
Classes held at Community Idea Station Studios
23 Sesame Street Richmond, VA 23235