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Richmond – French Film Festival Screening of ‘The Ride’ – March 29 – Free/Fee

The French Film Festival is hosting a screening of director Stephanie Gillard’s ‘The Ride’ at the Byrd Theatre tonight, March 29.

The film depicts the 300 mile journey taken each winter by a group of Lakota Sioux through the plains of Dakota on horseback to commemorate the massacre of their ancestors at Wounded Knee.  While going through territories which no longer belong to them, the eldest attempt to pass on their culture, or what is left of it, to the youngest. A journey through time, the 300-mile trip rebuilds a lost identity and makes America confront its own history.

The screening begins at  8pm and will be introduced by the director, who will also take part in a discussion of the film.  Also in attendance will be notable Native American filmmakers Chris Eyre and Georgina Lightning, members of 11 Native American tribes of Virginia and the Governor and First Lady.

For information on the film and to see a trailer, click here:

The screening is free to members of the Virginia Production Alliance if you present the invitation below.