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Richmond – Druid Underground Film Festival Oct 27 – Fee $10

The IXth Annual Druid Underground Film Festival

Where: Bijou Film Center, 304 E Broad Street, Richmond VA 23219

When: Thursday, Oct 27, 730pm

Fee: Only $10

FREE RAFFLE Ticket for first 100 ticket holders


9th Annual DUFF Trailer:





The widest touring underground film festival in the US, the 9th annual Druid Underground is a high-powered two-part blast of subversive cinema hosted by Billy Burgess that Flavorpill says doesn’t so much “defy convention as mow it down, douse it in kerosene, and flick a Zippo at it!”


Part one of the program is VHS Cover Junkie‘s VIDEO POISON mix, a hardcore, one-hour mega-mash up hell-ride of absurd footage from VHS tapes of frustrated men, violent women, rock n’ roll problems and horrifying party videos and much much more! Get yourself a piece as American redneck culture is sliced open for all to see like a giant, horrifying cake.


Part two is a break-kneck barrage of 18 new rowdy short films celebrating the best in absurd, creative and ecstatic cinema both on and off today’s underground film radar. A spectacle unlike any other, Druid Underground champions subversive techniques that advance the language of cinema, challenge pre-conceived notions of underground art and simultaniously blow your mind out of your skull. Animation, experimental, performance art and MORE!!!

Festival shirts/pins/DVDs available at the merch table!