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Richmond & Chesterfield – Casting Call for Short film – June/July 2022 – Paid

Project will begin between 06/05 and 07/10. Shooting will take no longer than 5 days in total.

Paid: $80/day.
Please submit your headshots, reels/monologues, and resumes to the listed email (richmondcastingcall@gmail.com).

A beaten man, under the canopy of dark trees and black night, shovels dirt over top of two duffel bags. He returns to the confidence of his home only to revel in his own guilt, the past, when his once brother in arms steps through his front door, trench coat and police cap dripping. A severe and original game of cat and mouse ensues.

Seeking the following:

Female, Caucasian, between 25–39 years old (or look like). Young, noble features. Able to perform as a morally confident, thoughtful character. Any natural hair color is acceptable, though mid-length hair (for women) is preferred.

Male, Caucasian, between 35–50 years old (or look like); weather-beaten, slim face. Must be able to grow thick stubble and mustache. Must be able to speak/act with a low, shaped voice.

Male, Caucasian, between 35–50 years old (or look like); calm, weathered face. Clean shaven, with brown, mid-length hair.