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Richmond & Charlottesville – Casting Call for Short Film – Sept/Oct 2022 – Paid


COMPANY – Astray Productions & Broken Glass Lighting
DIRECTOR – Joe Carabeo
PRODUCERS – Brian Sarvis and Joe Carabeo

DATE: TBA Filming in 3 or 4 nights in September or October 2022
LOCATION: Near Charlottesville Virginia and Richmond Virginia

GENRE: Horror, Suspense
TYPE: Short

SYNOPSIS: Help Wanted is a short film about an Asian woman who walks away from a mysterious car crash in the middle of nowhere and uses her head trauma to escape from the capture of a cult leader with a popular podcast.


STACY GO – Asian, Female, Mid – Late 20s, Stacy is nature social media influencer, a survivor in nature and the real world. She’s had to deal with a lot of trauma in her life and now she’s sick of it. Stacy is a very unsuspecting force that will keep surprising you.
Experience in fight scenes and action a plus

PARKER – Male, Mid – Late 20s. Parker is Stacy’s partner in life. He’s loyal to the point of sacrificing his own safety. He’s no push over and is brutally honest. Parker is the person you’d want to keep on your side, a true ride or die.
Experience in fight scenes and action a plus

JOSHUA – Male, 30’s. Joshua is a podcaster turned cult leader. Him and his wife Nicole escaped to the woods to get away from the virus. What started out as an innocent passion project turned dangerous when the isolation magnified the dark truth inside him and then it got amplified into the web where his followers started to grow his egomaniacal thoughts.
Experience in fight scenes and action a plus

NICOLE – Female, 30’s. Nicole is Joshua’s wife. She and Joshua wanted to be safe away from the virus so they moved out into the woods. They were a normal couple that just wanted to be happy, but then the world changed. She wants a normal life. But now she sees that Joshua has changed and has to be brave in the face of this horrifying change.

NICE GUY(or Girl) – Is not afraid to pick up a stranger on the road and get them to a “Safe” place. Very pleasant, almost too pleasant and drives a car.

Also looking for EXTRAS – Male and Female representatives of a cult / organization

Send headshot, resume, reel, and a self tape with a reading or monologue in the range of the role you a submitting for to – astrayproductionscasting@gmail.com

Website: https://astrayproductions.com/casting/