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Richmond – Casting for comedy web series – January 2018 – Paid

CASTING lead and supporting roles for upcoming comedy web series: HOLMES’ SWEET HOME. Filming will take place in Richmond, VA around January 2018.

HOLMES’ SWEET HOME: A divorced couple raising their children with their new spouses all under one roof hilariously navigate their way through the day-to-day of a blended family.

DEADLINE for submissions: 9/29/18.

Lead Roles:
Tony Holmes – African American, late 30s, architect. Tall & athletically fit. Immaculately dressed/groomed with a no-nonsense attitude. Relishes in being the breadwinner and alpha male. Annoyingly financially frugal. Serves back-handed, straight to the point jokes/comments.

Monica Ross – African American, late 30s, nurse. Average height/build. A control freak and Tony’s ex-wife. Strong-willed, outspoken, and quick-witted. She regulates the house and always has to have the last word.

Tiffany Holmes – African American, late 30s, fitness instructor. Average height and fit. Tony’s new wife. Private school/Ivy League educated, out of touch, and bougie. She’s an avid health nut with a carefree personality and love for positive energy and inner balance.

Mitchell “Mitch” Ross – African American, late 30s, physician’s assistant. Tall, slender build. Monica’s easy-going and goofball husband. His playful big kid persona vibes perfectly well within the pediatric hospital where he works.

Supporting Roles:
Renee Holmes – African American, 13/14. Tony and Monica’s laidback and trendy daughter. Typical teenager who would rather be absorbed in her social media status and friends than hang out with her family.

Kory Holmes – African American, 5. Tony and Monica’s spunky and very smart daughter.

Jackson “JoJo” Holmes – African American, 60s, retired military. Average height and build. Tony’s father and self-proclaimed ladies’ man. Overly smooth one-liners and dated wardrobe. Never misses an opportunity to remind everyone he is still sexy.

Faye Robinson – African American, 60s, retired teacher. Average height and build. Monica’s sassy and stylish mother. God-fearing with traditional southern values.

Ms. Dawson – Caucasian or racially ambiguous, 30-40s. Tall/statuesque. Kory’s very liberal teacher. Giddy with a very bubbly personality.

Submission Requirements:
To apply for the roles above in the web series “Holmes’ Sweet Home” email the following to Crystal at hshtheseries@gmail.com:
1. The role you are applying for in the Subject line.
2. In the body of the email include: Current age, height, weight, and sizes along with contact info (email and phone). Current place of residence and availability.
3. Attach 3-5 candid photos of yourself ONLY in regular clothes (current selfie, head shot, full-length head to toe). Rename photos as: First Initial, Last Name.
4. Attach a short bio with list of past film work in PDF format ONLY.
5. Provide any links to samples of acting work in the body of the email.

NOTES to candidates:
ONLY candidates for consideration will be contacted. If selected, this web series will be used to pitch to interested production companies and networks during the 2018 pitching season. In the event this occurs, actors will not be used further by the series’ creator.