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Richmond – Casting for book trailer – June 3-4 – PAID

Local production is creating a book trailer for a Richmond Author, to be used in online commercials/marketing, at conferences, and on the author’s website. We’ll be doing some mobster vs. FBI shootouts, a few “discovery/research” shots (think “National Treasure”), and a few epic/hero shots for the trailer. We are seeking several cast positions, some paid and some unpaid (this is low-budget unfortunately).

DATES: evenings of June 3rd and/or 4th

Miles West – Lead, some speaking, Male, Caucasian, late 30’s – early 50s, athletic but not muscled, and slightly bookish. Indiana-Jones or Nicholas-Cage type. $75 Paid.

Agent Carter – FBI Boss, Male, 30s, 40s, or 50s, any ethnicity – unpaid, possible gas stipend

FBI Extras – Any age, any ethnicity, any gender – unpaid

Mobster Extras – Any age, Italian-looking ethnicity, preferably male – unpaid.

***Please send headshot and contact info to scalawagpictures@gmail.com ***

Our crew is made up of industry veterans doing this on the side for a little extra creative fun and to use some of their impressive toys that they don’t get to use that often. If you’re interested in helping out on crew (or learning a bit more), send resume/contact info/area of interest to the same email address.